Mum deserves Thermomix®

Give Mum the gift of time this Mother's Day.

Young families are feeling the pinch when it comes to time and juggling modern life. 

The average family spends TEN HOURS each week preparing and cooking dinner. Almost 49% of women reported doing most or all of the cooking. 

67% of young families feel stressed juggling the demands of day-to-day life.  

Over 7 in 10 young families say they wish they could spend less time preparing dinner every week.  

52% of young families say preparing dinner (including cooking and cleaning up after) is the least favourite part of my day.  

Thermomix® has the answer

In a recent survey of Thermomix® customers who listed ‘time’ as their number one pain point in the kitchen pre-Thermomix, 98% of them say that a Thermomix® made a difference.

This year we’re calling on Kiwis to ditch the flowers and candles and give Mum the gift of time with Thermomix® TM6.

Bonus family cooking class 

With any TM6 purchase from 14 April until Mother’s Day (12 May), you’ll receive a bonus virtual midweek meals cooking class, held on 15 May. The whole family can join and learn how to prepare three quick and delicious recipes to decide ‘what’s for dinner?’ together. Your invitation to the virtual cooking class will be sent 13 May 2024.

This gift is in addition to any special offers running during this time. 

Spend less than 15 minutes preparing dinner with these recipes

So, how exactly does Thermomix come to the rescue for busy families?

Read our blog to find out more.