Kobold vacuums
for allergies and
pet hair

The deepest hygienic clean for allergy sufferers and pet owners.

Effortlessly capturing pet hair, stubborn dirt and 99.99% of allergens, the Kobold VK7 is top of the cordless allergy vacuum cleaner class for delivering the most powerful, long-lasting, deep hygienic clean*. It’s a whole-home cleaning dream team, combining the best suction performance with two high-powered rotating brushes in the EB7 All-Floor Brush, four-layer filter bag technology, SP7 Cordless Stick Vacuum and multiple attachments to take the best care of your health and well-being. 

The most powerful vacuum for allergies and all-round health.

Your whole family is in the best caring hands when you put the most hygienic cordless vacuum cleaner to work on capturing 99.99% of allergen nasties. From pet hair and dander on couches, to allergens dust and dust mites in carpets to pollen, mould and bacteria on mattresses (pretty much any airborne particle with a size of 0.3 microns), the EB7 All-Floor Brush and VK200 filter bag takes care of it all and extra good care of you.

It’s a promise Kobold can confidently make to asthma and allergy sufferers that’s backed up by TÜV Nord certification, so everyone can breathe easier. 

‘Best in Show’ cordless pet vacuum.

A real stroke of genius for anyone with fur kids. The Kobold VK7 Cordless Vacuum and PB7 Upholstery Brush attachment wins Best in Show as the most powerful, compact and quietest all-in-one cordless pet hair vacuum cleaner.* Two motorized rotating brushes, with four-level suction power, gently remove unsightly pet hairs, dander, dirt, dust and lint, while the rotating handle and comfy shoulder strap make cleaning upholstery, pet beds and car seats a breeze.

There’s even a boost button for those extra stubborn spots, anti-odour absorbents inside the VK200 filter bag to remove pet smells and optional fragrance chips to leave your whole home smelling fresher. 

Bags are more hygienic and sustainable.

Thanks to the finest attention to detail in engineering its four-layered filter bag and three filtration system technology, the Kobold VK7 has been certified by TÜV Nord as suitable for allergy sufferers making it the best vacuum for allergies and asthma. Unlike other vacuum cleaners that use a cartridge or barrel filter, Kobold’s premium VK200 filter bags are hygienically sealed for clean removal and disposal without a puff of dust. And your smart connected VK7 will even tell you when it's time to change the bag.

Oh, and did we mention it’s the world‘s first planet-friendly filter bag made of recycled materials?^ Even more reason to feel good when you clean with Kobold. 

A tool for better health with every click.

Allergens gather on every surface and in every corner, you can’t see or reach easily, like bookshelves, ceiling fans, crevices in and between furniture, and especially your mattresses. Kobold’s compact, lightweight, all-in-one cleaning system puts the best attachment tools at your fingertips and a comfy strap on your shoulder to make those harder jobs strain-free and easy.

The Above the Floor Set will empower you to power through all those high and hard-to-reach areas, while the Mattress and Upholstery Set includes the deep-cleaning essentials to give you a healthy home, a better night’s sleep, and that new car feel in your car interior! 

"I am really enjoying my new Kobold VK7. I love being able to easily adjust the settings for hard floors, spot cleans, and midweek light cleans. This model also has really great suction for those deeper clean or once a week maintenance vacuum (which I find most cordless vacuums are lacking) Being Cordless also means saving time and it is light so I can whip around my 2 storey house quickly and easily whenever I need.   "

Janine S.

Thermomix® Consultant

"With a Thermomix in my kitchen and a new VK7 on hand, this complete cleaning system makes it quicker and easier than ever to keep on top of things around the home. It's a complete game changer in my opinion, giving me more time to spend doing the things I love."

Sarah B.

Sarah Boccuzzi, Thermomix® Consultant

"I am so thankful to have got the brand new VK7. From not having a Kobold Vacuum previously, this is a game changer. Vacuum is super powerful and easy to maneuver, and the 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop is just as powerful and does an amazing clean. Highly recommended, especially if you have a baby or pets and you are constantly cleaning! "

Aisling H.

Thermomix® Consultant

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