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The Thermomix® TM6 has received several accolades and awards in 2019 including the UX Design Award for Product, and winning Interface Design at the Red Dot Design Awards.

Thermomix® awards

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For many people, owning a Thermomix® is life changing whether it’s helping to cater for dietary allergies, ditching the nasties and artificial additives that can be found in processed foods, or providing an extra pair of hands to help with the dinner rush hour. Find out why chefs and home cooks love using Thermomix®.

Mark Southon


As a young chef, I have used Thermomixes® in the best kitchens all over the world, so when it was my turn to equip my own kitchen, there was no other choice then Thermomix®.

I use Thermomix® both in my professional kitchen and at home for amazing results, it saves time, money and is easy to control.

From silky smooth purees, to herb oils, custards and hollandaise this machine is versatile in any kitchen both professional and home and well worth the investment.

Simon Wright

Chef, The French Cafe

Thermomix® is without doubt the most used piece of equipment in my kitchen. It's so simple and versatile to use that we find it ideal for all sorts of recipes from perfectly smooth purée's to crème brûlée.

"I stepped into the Thermomix world about 1.5 months ago with the intention of using the thermomix to help my disabled child learn to cook. I had sorely underestimated the value of this product. My 7yo uses the thermomix with help and my 10yo is happily making most of his favorite foods without any help from me.

I find myself using the thermomix several times a day. I love the variety of recipes and they've been sensational tasting for the most part.

I value the weekly planner and the shopping list options.

Overall this has simplified my life and given my cooking confidence a huge boost. I've made all sorts from dough to dinners to baking and condiments for meals, berry 'ice cream' - even proper 'made with whittakers chocolate' hot chocolate.

One very happy customer 😀"


Verified buyer

"My partner and are in love with the Themomix.

I was a sceptic before we became the proud owners of this amazing machine.

At my first demo I was gob-smacked at was this treasure could do.

Our cooking skills have elevated.

And my partner was brave enough to have ago.

We are excited to try different recipes

we would never have tackle before.

Thank you for this beautiful and amazing machine we highly recommend buying it."

Joy H.

Verified buyer

"This is such a fabulous machine. Combining Cookidoo® and this machine and practically the sky is the limit with recipes and ability to carry them out.

I am making my own bread so saving money, making Greek food which tastes like our favorite restaurant so saving even more money. Making butter chicken which also tastes delicious. Feeding a family of 7 with not much stress at all. ... And the list goes on."

Judy B.

Verified buyer

"I think the Tm6 is a wonderful invention. I traded up from the TM31 which I had for 15 years which

I’m sure I got my moneys worth. I’m now kicking myself for not trading up before.

So simple to use and I love the way it keeps a record of what you cook. Recipes are wonderful and I love how it can be transferred from the iPad to the machine. Also add to shopping list is brilliant.

If you are on the fence about trading up don’t waste another minute. You won’t regret it!"

Pauline M.

Verified buyer

"I love the updates on this machine, e.g. levels of pre-clean function; rice cooker, larger screen, improved interface; high temp mode; no need for cook key and sync machine. I’ve been using the TM5 for a number of years now and the updates to the machine are great with the user in mind. Keep it up! I can’t live without my machine for it provides me with so many cooking ideas and recipes that I wouldn’t have done on my own."

Yen C.

Verified buyer

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"Whole family is enjoying the ease of use and step by step instructions to make amazing dishes and sauces. Even hubby is in the kitchen making bbq and plum sauces for the ribs, and lamb korma! I’ve also managed to get my hands on the Thermomix® and make home made pizzas, sticky date pudding and cinnamon buns! It makes cleaning up easy with less utensils and self cleaning option is a really useful."

Caroline H.

Verified buyer

"The TM6 has exceeded my expectations, I had my TM31 for 10 years and just loved the whole experience, however the TM6 has taken it to another level. My consultant was very responsive and the customer service I received was exceptional."

Lyn H.

Verified buyer

"The things this Thermomix does! It’s even better than I thought. I love being able to cook from absolute scratch - making the butter, creating your own flour - and using fresh ingredients. I now have a herb garden and it’s actually thriving!"

Carla T.

Verified buyer