Unlock Incredible Savings with Thermomix®

Invest one time. Save for a lifetime

Small, everyday changes add up over time, and it's no different with how you approach your grocery bill. With Thermomix® , switching from store-bought to Thermomix® made on one or two items per week soon adds up.

Plus, the savings go way beyond the supermarket checkout - it's less food waste, less plastic, less hidden nasties and even, in some cases, less energy consumption.

The more you use Thermomix® , the more you save, so your investment pays for itself.

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Stack up the savings

New Zealand families are spending on average $270.41 per week* on groceries, with ready-to-eat foods at the top of the list. With Thermomix® and Cookidoo®, you can easily create your favourite dishes from scratch in no-time, following the step-by-step prompts on screen. You’ll be stacking up the savings in no time, while also avoiding those nasties that can be hidden in store-bought foods. The more you use Thermomix®, the more you’ll save!

Find out how much you could be saving with Thermomix® by trying out our fun and easy to use savings calculator.

Use less energy cooking with Thermomix® TM6

Amid rising energy costs in households, a recent study uncovers a surprising reality: inefficient cooking appliances contribute to an annual toll of nearly $900 million^. Thermomix® customers are tackling both carbon emissions and financial strain by adopting energy-efficient solutions with the Thermomix®.

"I'm saving about $100 a fortnight because I'm cooking from scratch and even better, I know what's in the food I'm eating. I love my Thermie and can't believe how much time and money it has saved me.”

Nicole M.

Verified buyer

“I make my own sourdough using Thermomix®, and this is a really good way to save money for me. I find that a sourdough loaf is around $9-$10 at the moment; mine probably costs me just over $1 to make from scratch”.

Jill G.

Verified buyer

“Pizza pizza pizza! Our weekly pizza night costs my family of 6 just over $70! Two minutes in the Thermie and no more than $10 on toppings, my $60 weekly saving is paying off my Thermie! And the kids love making their own pizza and it tastes amazing!”.

Aela F.

Verified buyer

“I was regularly saving $50 a week on baby food because I made it myself at home with Thermomix®. As a bonus, I also knew exactly what I was putting into her food. Thermomix® really has been a lifesaver as a new parent”.

Jacinda F.

Verified buyer

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