What is the Thermomix® Sensor? New Digital Food Thermometer

What is the Thermomix® Sensor? New Digital Food Thermometer

Vorwerk, the manufacturers of Thermomix® have announced the release of a brand-new digital food thermometer, the Thermomix® Sensor. The Thermomix® Sensor is expected to arrive in Australia and New Zealand in 2024.

What is the Thermomix® Sensor?

Thermomix® Sensor is a digital meat thermometer, but it’s also so much more than that. ​The new Thermomix® Sensor is a Bluetooth® digital food thermometer that extends and connects Thermomix® Guided Cooking to your oven, stovetop and grill. Your TM6 will connect to the Thermomix® Sensor to use the interior and ambient temperatures to predict when your meat, cakes and bread bakes will be perfectly cooked.​

What’s included with the Thermomix® Sensor?

Thermomix® Sensor consists of three main elements: probe, charger and holder.

The probe has two sensors to monitor the core and ambient temperature. During the cooking process, the probe continually transmits data to Thermomix® TM6 and the Cooking Center app so that you are always aware of the precise temperature measured in your food.

The charger acts as a repeater and amplifies the signal coming from the probe. Keep the charger close to the probe: for example, when baking, place the charger close to the oven, using the magnets on the back of the charger.

The silicone holder is needed when baking liquid doughs which cannot hold the probe in position. You need to use the holder to maintain the probe in the right position in the food and prevent it from sinking into the dough.

What’s the difference between the new Thermomix® Sensor and the Meater+?

There are two key differences between the Thermomix ® Sensor and the Meater+. The first is that the Thermomix® Sensor connects via Bluetooth technology to the TM6 so that it can be integrated into Guided Cooking. The second difference is that the Thermomix® Sensor can be used in liquid mixes and doughs like cakes and breads, using the innovative silicone holder, in addition to being a digital meat thermometer for use with different cuts of meat and fish.

When is the Thermomix® Sensor coming to Australia and New Zealand?

We're hoping the Thermomix® Sensor will be available in the first half of 2024. It will likely be available first as a Host Reward to customers who host a Thermomix® Demo. We'll continue to keep customers updated via our Consultants, Email and Social Media. Please click here (link to RYI page) to register your interest.

Can I cook Guided Cooking recipes with Thermomix® Sensor?

Yes. When following a recipe that uses the Thermomix® Sensor you can simply follow the step-by-step instructions to precisely cook your cake, bread, meat and fish.

Which Thermomix® model can I use with Thermomix® Sensor?

To fully use your Thermomix® Sensor via Guided Cooking you can only use Thermomix® TM6. However, by using the Cooking Center mobile app, you can connect your Thermomix® Sensor to any Thermomix® model.