What is a
vacuum mop?

What is a
vacuum mop?

The ultimate guide to wet and dry cleaners

It’s time to take your cleaning to the next level. Meet the vacuum mop combo – the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and mop your floors simultaneously. This multi-functional cleaning powerhouse will change the way you clean forever – saving you time and effort so you can spend more time doing what you love most. Discover more about this game changing cleaning system, how it works, and how to get your hands on one so you can clean smarter, not harder.

Vacuum mops explained

What is a vacuum mop?

A vacuum mop combo is the revolutionary wet and dry cleaner that’s taking households by storm! Designed to take the pain out of vacuuming and mopping your hard floors, a 2-in-1 vacuum mop allows you to vacuum dirt, dust and hair while simultaneously mopping and sanitising your floor. With one sweep, they leave nothing behind but impressively clean, streak-free floors.

Most often, vacuum mops are available to buy as a single appliance, but they can also be bought as a separate mop attachment for a cordless stick vacuum. Learn more about the differences between vacuum cleaners with our vacuum buying guide.

What is the best vacuum mop?

When it comes to finding the best vacuum mop, like with any vacuum cleaner, it really depends on what your home needs and what your personal preferences are. However, if you want a vacuum mop combo that’s versatile and adaptable for cleaning almost every kind of floor and household, the Kobold cordless stick vacuum (VK7) and Wet and Dry Cleaner (SP7) are the dream team.

Kobold’s award-winning vacuum mop system gives you up to 23 minutes of continuous high-performance vacuuming and mopping technology engineered by the prestigious house of Vorwerk. Ranking among the top vacuum mops, the Kobold cleaning system received a highly prestigious German Innovation Award, as well as ‘Test Winner’ from the German consumer institute Stiftung Warentest. And the Kobold VK7 stick vacuum cleaned up in the 2023 Red Dot Awards too, winning ‘Best of the Best’ stick vacuum for ground-breaking design.

The compact, lightweight Kobold cordless stick vacuum packs an extra-long-life lithium-ion battery powering two motorised brushes, an oscillating microfibre mop and a top airflow of up to 2.7l/s to make effortless work of removing dirt and bacteria from every nook and leaving a streak-free finish. And with a four-layer TÜV-Nord certified hygienic filter bag capturing 99.99% of allergens, it’s the ideal vacuum mop for pet owners and allergy sufferers.

Kobold’s Wet and Dry Cleaner attachment (SP7) can be purchased separately, or in a Kobold cordless stick vacuum mop bundle (VK7 + SP7) giving you the best vacuum mop combo ready to go.

How does a vacuum mop work?

Setting up & preparation

Before you get started, there are a few simple steps to ensure you’ve properly prepared your Kobold stick vacuum mop for cleaning:

  1. Firstly, remove the floor brush head (EB7 or HD7) and attach the Wet And Dry Cleaner (SP7) to your Kobold VK7 stick vacuum
  2. Attach a dry microfibre cleaning cloth to the cloth holder frame.
  3. Bring the vacuum cleaner into park position and tilt it back, drive it straight over the cloth holder frame and set it down. You’ll hear the cloth holder frame engage.
  4. Fill the tank cap with your choice of Koboclean cleaning concentrate up to the mark (approx. 3 ml) then add it to the tank before filling the tank with water (approx. 300 ml) and tightly sealing the cap to avoid leakage.
  5. Switch on your Kobold vacuum mop and long-press the black + button (below the power button) to moisten the cleaning cloth.
  6. Select the optimum moisture level according to your floor type using the black +/- buttons on the handle of the VK7.

Oscillating microfibre cloth

Running the microfibre cloth over your floors at over a thousand oscillations per minute, the Kobold SP7 is one lean, mean dirt-loosening machine, and the cloth’s clever wedge-shaped fibres have an insatiable capacity for grabbing and holding dirt and grease.

Select from four different cloths:

Universal - for cleaning all kinds of hard floors
Universal Soft - for gently deep-cleaning porous and delicate floors such as stone and terracotta tiles
Parquet - for delicate, moisture-sensitive wooden parquet, laminate and hardwood floors
Dry – for cleaning moisture-sensitive hard floors without water and putting a polished finish on all floor types

You can also choose from a range of Koboclean floor cleaning concentrates that complement the four types of microfibre cloths.

Moisture levels

Kobold’s stick vacuum mop can clean your hard floors with just over a cup of water and less than a teaspoon of detergent^ and automatically moistens the cleaning cloth to the moisture level you select as you vacuum and mop. Choose from:

Dry mode – for sensitive hard floors and unsealed wooden floors (using the Dry Cloth)

Initial moisturisation – to wet the cloth ready for cleaning, press and hold the black + button (below the power button) for 2 seconds

Level 1 – lowest moisture for cleaning wooden floors
Level 2 – medium moisture for everyday dirt on most floors (especially stone and synthetic floors)
Level 3 – highest moisture for heavy dirt on most floors (especially stone and open-pored floors)

Performance mode - boosts the section level for spot-cleaning heavily soiled areas

Refilling the vacuum mop

A flashing droplet icon appears on the LED display to tell you when the water tank is empty and needs to be refilled with water and a capful of Koboclean cleaning concentrate. When re-filling the tank, we’d also recommend changing the cloth. Ensure the vacuum mop is turned off before you remove and replace the dirty cloth.

Watch the vacuum mop in action

Care instructions & tips

Excess Liquid Suction

The device is not a wet vacuum cleaner and switches to error mode if liquid is vacuumed.
•   Switch the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner off.
•   Open the inspection flap on the 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop attachment.
•   Dry the area with a kitchen towel

Washing the Microfibre Cloths

All Kobold vacuum mop cloths are machine washable. Wash in a washing machine at 60⁰C, using only laundry detergent and no fabric softener.


German engineered and designed for durability, Kobold’s motor and components are virtually maintenance free.

Tank: Clean the tank regularly with warm water and a mild liquid soap (if necessary) and allow to dry.
Sealing Lip Frames: Clean the sealing lip frames occasionally (located on the outer edges underneath the mop head). Wash them under warm running water and allow to dry.
Safety Flap: Open the safety tank (located on the left side of the mop head), remove trapped dust, dirt and hair, and wipe the magnetic clasp with a dry cloth.

Where can you use a vacuum mop?

Wet and dry vacuum mop combos are perfect for households with hard floors such as solid and engineered hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, stone, and parquet. Vacuum mops should not be used on carpet, rugs or other upholstered surfaces such as car interiors and furniture. If you’re looking for a vacuum attachment for fabric surfaces, you’ll love our Upholstery Brush and Mattress Cleaning Set.

When choosing vacuum mop accessories for your floors, we’d recommend the following:

Benefits of vacuum mops - why you need one!

So, you may be asking yourself, is a vacuum mop worth it? The answer is crystal clear (just like your floors will be) – absolutely! Once you try using the all-in-one vacuum and mop system for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. There are just so many reasons to buy a vacuum mop. Here are just a few!

All in all, this multi-tasking cleaning marvel speaks for itself! Discover the power of the vacuum mop and relax knowing that you’ve got floor cleaning under control and done in one sweep with this smart, sleek 2-in-1 system.

Still unsure? Feel free to contact us online, or view our many helpful tips, tricks, and tutorial videos!

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