Our guide to Kobold Vacuum Accessory Set Attachments

How to clean smarter, even in all the harder-to-reach places

Because life's messy, dirt gets everywhere you can and can’t see or reach, and it’s often a pain in the neck (and back) to get it out of those high nooks and low crannies. But for every one of those harder-to-clean surfaces and harder-to-reach places, Kobold’s got a whole cleaning system box of tricks to help you clean smarter, not harder. No overreaching. No sweat.

Skirtings, shutters, corners and crevices

Reach right down low to your skirting boards without bending. Suck every speck out of small narrow spaces without crouching. Get around the tightest corners without contorting. There’s a nozzle for every nook and an attachable hose for extra reach. The Long Crevice nozzle doesn’t need much explaining, but you’ve also got the bristled crevice brush that’s ideal for:


  • Corners and crevices
  • Skirting boards
  • Louvres and shutters
  • Sliding door and window runners

Do It Yourself and clean up as you go

Drill dust gets everywhere and turns the smallest weekend DIY project into a major clean-up operation. But what if you could catch all the dust with one hand while you drill with the other? You got this with the Drill Dust Attachment.

Curtains, couches and car interiors

Lint, hair, dirt, dust and crumbs love clinging to textiles and lurking down the back of every couch, in between cushions, and in the crevices of all soft furnishing and care interiors. These are the cleaning jobs we all love to hate but become strangely satisfying with the multi-purpose Flexo Nozzle Set and Bristle Plate. All those ‘eew’ moments become ‘aha’ moments with a textile mode for blinds and curtains, a Bristle Plate for larger areas like pelmets and a clever tip that closes to reach into the dark places you’d rather not have to touch.


  • Car interiors
  • Curtains and blinds and pelmets
  • Soft furnishings and textiles
  • Between cushions
  • Down the back of the couch

Electronics, antiques and anything that needs a lighter touch

Cleaning tech’s come a long way since those feather or brush dusters that do little more than push the dust about a bit only for it to settle someplace else. The versatile and adjustable Soft Brush sweeps gently but removes dust reliably from all those surfaces that need a lighter touch.

Extend the soft bristles to full length for your favourite vases, ornaments and lamps (without moving a thing), and shorten for electronics like your laptop and home printer. No more gasps of horror when you turn your keyboard upside down and see what’s been hiding right under your fingertips!


  • Laptops, keyboards and electronics
  • Lamps and ornaments (and in between)
  • Vases and plant pots (and in between)

Top shelves to cathedral ceilings. Nothing’s out of easy reach

Overstretching and overreaching to catch dirt and dust webs from cornices, skylights and beams can have you reaching for the pain killers, heat pack or physio’s phone number. It’s a pain in the neck! But with your Kobold, there’s one extendable telescopic tube that fits all nozzle attachments for reaching all heights, corners and surfaces without overreaching.

  • Cornices and ceiling roses
  • Curtail poles and picture rails
  • High beams (raked and cathedral ceilings)
  • Skylights and light fittings
  • Air vents and ceiling fans
  • Top shelves
  • Tops of mirrors and picture frames

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