Thermomix and TheMix Shop Deliveries

Thermomix TM6 and TheMix Shop order deadlines

The increase in worldwide demand for Thermomix combined with the logistical difficulties being experienced by New Zealand Post mean that our delivery dates are subject to stock availability of the TM6.

For Thermomix deliveries, we usually ship within 10 business days of your order date. Sadly, due to current Customs processes, there may be an additional delay of up to 2 weeks.

Rest assured we are committed to getting your TM6 and TheMix Shop products to you in the most timely manner possible and are pulling out all the stops on our end.

What to do while you wait…
Don’t forget we’re offering a Carry Bag and Barbecue Cookbook as our gift to you when you purchase your Thermomix in January 2021, whilst we work away at delivering your Thermomix as quickly as possible.