Getting started with Thermomix® Sensor

Getting started with Thermomix® Sensor is quick and easy. Just install it once and use daily to cook meats, fish, bread, cakes and more.  

Connecting your Thermomix® Sensor

Before you connect your Thermomix® Sensor for the first time, open the battery compartment at the back and remove the protective film. This will initiate charging of the probe’s battery. It will be fully charged in 2 hours.  

Once charged, remove the probe from the case to turn it on. 

Before using it for the first time, clean the probe with water and washing up liquid to remove any residue. Then dry before using. 

Connect your Thermomix® Sensor to your Thermomix® TM6 in the settings menu. 

Download the Cooking Center app and connect your Thermomix® Sensor.  

Tips for inserting the probe into food

  • Place the tip of the Thermomix® Sensor as close as possible to the core of the food.
  • Make sure the tip is not touching the baking tin, or a bone.
  • When cooking meats and fish, or doughs that don’t rise, ensure the safety notch is located just inside the food.
  • If cooking cakes or doughs that rise the safety notch can be 1cm outside of the food. As the food rises it will cover the safety notch.

Cooking with Thermomix® Sensor

Guided Cooking

Sensor Mode

Cooking Center App

How to find Cookidoo® recipes that use the Thermomix® Sensor

Cookidoo® features hundreds of recipes that use the Thermomix® Sensor. To find them, select 'Thermomix® Sensor' as an accessory in your search filters. Or click on the below collections to get started!