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Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
Lame Bread Knife
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Lame Bread Knife

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Your homemade breads will look like they came straight out of a traditional artisan bakehouse with just a quick flick of the baker’s lame bread dough scorer.

Modelled on the lame tool French bakers have used for centuries, with a thin and sharp curved blade and a long handle to give you ultimate cutting control, this is how to score sourdough bread like a pro. Making the perfect mark with your dough scorer allows the right amount of moisture to escape from your loaf, so it properly expands in the oven, without tearing the skin or crust.

If you’re a newcomer to this home bread making craze, cut your teeth trying out some classic decorative leaf patterns on baguettes, caraway rye loaves, or the everyday sourdough loaf recipe you’ll find on Cookidoo.

If your basic skills are already proven and you’re ready to channel your creativity, make your mark with your very own signature score. The high-quality stainless steel blades of our baker’s lame bread scorer will put you in control of exactly where you want your bread dough to open and expand.

Key Features

  • How to score bread dough like a pro!
  • Modelled on the original baker’s lame, bringing traditional artistry to your breadmaking
  • Sharp curved blade makes clean cuts and precise bread scoring, allowing your dough to properly expand
  • Long, high-quality wooden handle makes it easy and safer to use with greater control
  • Channel your creativity and make your own unique mark
  • Includes five spare blades and a blade cover/protector
  • Lightweight, sharp, food-safe, rust-proof and durable

Beware of the sharp blade. Carefully hand wash with warm water and dry directly after washing. The baker’s lame is not suitable for the dishwasher. And for your safety, we recommend keeping the blade cover on your bread dough scorer blade when it’s not in use.

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