Yes, chef! How Thermomix® goes to work for top chefs

Yes, chef! How Thermomix® goes to work for top chefs

Time and again, Thermomix® wins ‘Favourite Sous Chef’ hands down among an impressive (and growing) brigade of top chefs worldwide. From Tetsuya Wakuda and Darren Robertson to Jude Blereau and Kirsten Tibballs, they all love having a Thermomix® in their home and commercial kitchens for its ability to save time, reduce waste and achieve consistently excellent results.

Their Thermomix® is entrusted to blend the smoothest sauces and purees, mill and toast aromatic spices and handle the time-intensive task of emulsifying, while they turn their attention to finely crafting their signatures and newest creations.

In fact, one of the ways we reward our top Thermomix® Consultants is to give them an exclusive in-person cooking demo with some of the biggest names in Australia and New Zealand. Recently, they were treated to a presentation from Ray Capaldi, and his recipe features in our growing chef’s collection on Cookidoo®.

Here’s what Ray and equally lauded culinary icons have to say about their love for Thermomix®.


Ray Capaldi's "ultimate chef de partie!"

Best known by Melburnians for his legendary role at the Sofitel in the 90s, Ray’s illustrious career spans some of the world’s premier fine-dining restaurants, from Gleneagles 5 Star Hotel in Scotland to the Park Lane Hotel Hong Kong and Hotel Martinez in Cannes.

His love of cooking with the Thermomix® spans decades too. And his connection to Thermomix® Australia goes right back to the early days when founder Grace Mazur was working on mastering the art of bread-making in the Thermomix®. Yep, we’ve got Ray to thank for that legendary Thermomix® bread dough!

"The Thermomix® is your best friend in the kitchen, especially if you’re on your own. It’s like the ultimate chef de partie – skilled, meticulous and precise – allowing you to create and deliver intricate recipes and dishes.” 

Ray's Ham Broth, Parmesan Gnocchi and Radish

Showcasing the time-saving superpower of Thermomix®, we especially love this dish Ray contributed to our chef's collection on Cookidoo®. It takes just 20 minutes of active time in your kitchen and your Thermomix® will put in the hard yards (four hours in total) to create the incredible depth of flavour in this dish. 


Christy Tania's "very own apprentice!"

MasterChef favourite, master of sweet reinvention and owner of Melbourne’s Glacé restaurant, chef Christy Tania loves playing with textures and fruity characterful flavours and displays her Thermomix® with great pride in her kitchen. She affectionately calls it “her very own apprentice” – high praise indeed from the French-culinary educated pastry chef with Vue de Monde, Om Nom and the Ritz Hotel Paris on her resume.

“I absolutely love my Thermomix®. I often call it my very own apprentice that never misses the temperature! It’s a combination of precision, consistency, speed and automation and, hands down, one of my favourite pieces of kitchen equipment of all time!”

Christy Tania's Fraisier sponge

A dinner party showstopper for when you’re ready to get a little more cheffy, Christy’s Fraisier sponge is the perfect way to have a play and get familiar with more of the Thermomix® features and functions. Take your skills and centrepeices to the next level with this winner.


Kane Pollard's got three!

Kane Pollard headlined our 2023 Horizons event. His ethos on cooking sustainably – with locally sourced or foraged ingredients, using whatever each season brings and not wasting a thing – has shaped his teahouse-turned-restaurant, Topiary, and shines through in all his recipes. Describing his cooking style as ‘Inspired and in the moment’ he has taken his Thermomix® on many of his boundary-pushing journeys, making purees, spice mixes and temperature-controlled sauces.

“We have one at home, one at the restaurant, and an older one in storage that we use as backup! The Thermomix® blitzes things so quickly and beautifully. And knowing the TM6 could heat sugar, I was excited to spin toffee as it’s usually quite a temperamental thing to do in a pot. And, of course, it worked perfectly!” 

Kane’s Whole Banana Ice Cream with Corn Bread Praline

Kane created this recipe at home with his kids, after doing a little research on the health benefits of eating banana peels (provided they come from a trusted source). When a banana gets a little too ripe, throw it straight in the freezer to preserve it and use it (peel and all) to create this prep-ahead dessert that brings plenty of ‘wow’ to your dinner table. 


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