Earn your Thermomix®

Join us and earn a TM6!

Start your Thermomix® business by earning your TM6. Every sale made within these 60 days reduces the cost of your machine. Close 6 sales and you’ll not only keep your new TM6 but we will also refund your deposit!   

To get started, contact your Consultant or click below to be put in touch with one.   

*Terms and conditions apply. See flyer for details.  

Discover the most fun way to get your Thermomix®.

Earn your Thermomix®, along with other great rewards and incentives, when you become a Thermomix® Consultant.

Our comprehensive training and support will help you to expand your knowledge of nutrition, cooking techniques, dietary needs and more!

And with the smart, connected TM6, there's never been a better time to start.

Terms & Conditions

1. This offer is only available for new Consultants with a 60 Day Program start date on or after 10 July 2023. TM6 Ambassadors are eligible if they have had this status for six or more months.
2. You can only earn one TM6 under this agreement and the criteria for earning a TM6 is outlined in the table in this document.
3. By signing this Agreement, you agree to pay a deposit of $849 on a new TM6. Upon signing the agreement, we will deduct $849 from your preferred payment option. A link will be sent to you via your Consultant or Team Leader to complete payment.
4. This deposit is partially refunded once you achieve 5 closed sales within your 60 Day Program, and fully refunded once you achieve 6 closed sales within your 60 Day Program.
5. We will deliver to you a TM6 and you will be provided with a copy of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.
6. Subject to Clause 10 below, following the end date of your 60 Day Program we will invoice you for any balance owing on your TM6, as specified in the above table. In the event that you have earned commission from sales closed after the end date of your 60 Day Program prior to the Invoice being sent, we will first
deduct that commission from any balance owing. By signing this Agreement, you agree to pay any balance owing within 7 days of an Invoice being provided to you.
7. You may cancel this Agreement within 10 clear business days of the date of signing. Upon cancellation you must return the TM6 to us at your expense. If you have damaged the TM6 or have caused the TM6 to no longer be in an as-new condition, we reserve our right to dispute the cancellation of this agreement.
8. You agree that you will not receive any entitlements on closed sales that contribute to you earning a TM6 under this agreement. However, all closed sales made under this agreement will count towards all other incentives and reward programs, unless expressly excluded.
9. Upon achieving 6 closed sales and earning a TM6 under this agreement, the entitlement on your next closed sale will start at level 1 of the Basic Sales Entitlement table in the Membership Terms of The Mix Association New Zealand.
10. You must commence the 60 Day Program within 30 days of signing the Membership Application Form (MAF). If this does not occur, The Mix Association New Zealand will contact you to retrieve the balance owing for the TM6 and you will be removed from the Earn 6 program. Prior to commencing your 60 Day
Program, you must have fully completed your Build Your Business training and have a minimum of 5 demo bookings secured and logged in the Consultant Portal.
11. In accordance with your Membership Distribution Terms, you are required to separately purchase a Business Kit from TheMix Shop after your Membership Application has been successfully processed.