Hairdresser styles a successful Thermomix® Business for more than just herself.

Hairdresser styles a successful Thermomix® Business for more than just herself.

Chelsea McGill was running a busy hairdressing business when she signed up to earn a TM6 and had no intention of taking it any further with Thermomix®. However, Chelsea’s natural style really resonated on social media and her Thermomix® Business picked up so fast she put down the scissors to give others the tools to shape their own success.

“I’m so thankful that my Thermomix® Consultant kept asking me to join until I finally said, yes!” says Chelsea. “I was terrified of failing, but the support I received was amazing. Now, I’m a Business Development Manager, and I just love that I get to share everything that’s been a success for me to help others grow and succeed.”

From five meals on repeat to mixing it up like a pro.

Chelsea discovered the TM31 in 2013 after fessing up to a client about her risotto fail.

“I’d stood over the stove for two hours cooking that risotto and was devastated when it didn’t work out and ended up in the bin. The next day, I was telling a client about it and she said ‘Get a Thermomix®!’ So I googled, booked a Demo and was blown away by what this thing could do.

“I really enjoy cooking, but we used to eat the same five meals on repeat, and I could see how the Thermomix® was going to change that. The first thing I made was bagels. I’d never made bread before, and they were so easy.

“Then along came the TM5. My eldest was 18 months old at the time and I was spending $30 a week to feed his yoghurt cravings. When I saw I could make my own so easily with the TM5, I was sold."

Loving the food, people, Thermomix® and second income.

When Chelsea started her Thermomix® Business in 2019, she’d already been selling the TM31 to her hairdressing clients for years, referring them on to her Consultant.

“My Consultant had been trying to get me to join, but I had my salon and my kids. Then I heard the TM6 was coming and I thought my husband's gonna kill me if I buy another one! So I signed up to earn it on the 60-day program.

“I sold 26 TM5s over those two months. That was quite a substantial amount of money I’d earned in a short time, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I’d anticipated. Six months on, I was selling TM6s as a side hustle and was offered a Team Leader role. I thought, why not? I’m loving it!”

‘Mixing it real’ and making a difference, for real.

When COVID hit, Chelsea thought it would be the end of her team and her Thermomix® Business. But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

“I’d already built a good following on Instagram and Facebook with my ‘Mixing it real’ brand. I wouldn’t say my food is Insta-worthy, but it’s quick, simple and always delicious. It’s real food that busy families can easily recreate at home, and that really resonated.

“My socials really took off during COVID, and I started sharing my learnings and training Consultants on how to utilise social media to help their business thrive too.”

Into her second year as a Team Leader, Chelsea had 30 Consultants on her team and was awarded No.1 Recruiter in Australia and New Zealand.

“My team also finished number four in Australia and New Zealand, and that would have to be my proudest achievement ever."

All the perks money can and can’t buy

Last year, Chelsea became the first virtual Thermomix® Business Development Manager in Australia and started a whole new branch, recruiting six new Team Leaders and inheriting two others.

“My Thermomix® Business has helped us finish our home renovation and take the family to Hawaii. We never would have been able to do these things otherwise. Hairdressers just don't earn that kind of money.

“But more than that, Thermomix® has given me a new-found confidence, a whole new set of business skills, and a career I truly love that fits around my family. I get to do all the things that many working mums miss out on, which I’m so thankful for.”

To anyone feeling nervous about starting a Thermomix® Business, Chelsea’s advice is, “Thermomix® has a genuinely supportive have-a-go culture. If you make mistakes, that's human. They’ll keep you focused on the positives and on track. Give it a go. What’s the best that could happen?”

Want to turn your passion into a flexible second income, or maybe even a full-time profession? Choose what fits you. Find out how you can earn your Thermomix® and start your own business.