Meal planning 101: Healthy freezer meals for the whole family

Meal planning 101: Healthy freezer meals for the whole family

If there’s one thing we know saves on money, time and food waste, it’s meal prep. Whether you’re the kind of person who loves to meal plan and prep a whole week of dinners, or entirely the opposite, and the phrase “meal prep” makes you quiver – trust us when we say, a little prep goes a long way – especially with Thermomix® by your side. Then, comes that beautiful feeling mid-week of simply heating up dinner. Yes!

Busy weeknights

Potluck freezer nights have become a thing with us here at Thermomix® thanks to Tara from our Recipe Development team. She preps two to three freezer-friendly meals ahead of time, freezes them in handy portions and she and her kids do a “potluck” dinner every time her husband’s away for work.

Keep handy portions of recipes like boiled rice, naan bread and other grains in your freezer too, so once you’ve picked your potluck main, you can quickly and easily reheat your sides too. Warm up mode on your TM6 is ideal for reheating your meals to the ideal temperature. With the help of our handy Vac-U-Seal food vacuum sealer set, you can safely store your prepped dishes in the freezer without any fuss!

Try out these freezer-friendly meals:

Sunday meal prep

If spending an ‘Hour of Power on the weekend getting prepped sounds like you, then Sunday meal prep is a great strategy to get ahead. Use the My Week functionality in Cookidoo® to plan your menu and manage the shopping, then get busy with Thermomix®, ticking off the list and stocking the fridge and freezer.

Now, with our recently launched Recipe Scaling functionality on Cookidoo®, it’s easier than ever to increase the number of serves of your favourite recipes, pop them into freezable containers and you’ve got yourself a home-made freezer meal. You can also scale your own recipes in Created Recipes on Cookidoo® too.

Get started with these top-rating mid-week meals, which can all be scaled up to serve 8 or more:

Try these delicious meat-free options for your freezer too

Now, for sides

As we said above, freezing portions of cooked rice, breads and other grains is a great way of ensuring you have a complete meal ready to re-heat. But a bit of freshness is always good too and some things are better made fresh than make-ahead. Again, this is where Thermomix® is your superpower. Match your healthy frozen meals with quick and easy salads whipped up in Thermomix®, so you and your family are “eating the rainbow”.

That question: “What’s for dinner?” just got easier!

From family dinners to dinners just for you – scale your recipes up and down with Cookidoo®.

Finally, here are some ideas for salads, ready in seconds!

What's for dinner? We've got you sorted

With a little prep and loads of help from Thermomix® and Cookidoo®, you'll never have to scramble again for a truly delicious answer to that age old question: "What's for dinner?"

Get to know more about Thermomix® to discover all the life-changing benefits of the all-in-one kitchen gadget! Head over to Cookidoo® to create your meal plan in the My Week function and remember, you can scale your recipes up or down to suit. Read more on Scaled Recipes here.