Your comfort food meal plan

Weekly meal prepping is an easy way to eat healthily during those busy weeknights and helps to avoid turning to takeaway options. Discover our favourite comfort meal plan recipes you can prep in an hour of power!
Your comfort food meal plan

With busy workdays and jam-packed schedules, it’s easy to fall behind on the dinner prep and reach for expensive and perhaps not so great for you takeaway alternatives. But a little bit of time spent prepping for the week ahead equals a fridge filled with meals that are either ready to heat and eat, or are well underway and just need some final touches to pull together.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a meal plan that does double duty by satisfying your comfort food cravings, while also giving you a good dose of nourishment.

Your comfort food meal plan:

Follow these steps and you will have your meals prepped in an hour of power:

  • Make meatball mixture from Jo Whitton’s Wholesome meatball soup. Set aside meatball mixture in a large bowl. Clean and dry Thermomix® mixing bowl.
  • Commence Chicken and spinach enchiladas recipe.
  • While enchilada sauce is cooking in step 6 of enchilada recipe, roll out meatballs (Wholesome meatball soup). Place into the fridge in an airtight container.
  • Peel and dice 1kg sweet potato into 1cm pieces (this is enough sweet potato for both the pasta and salad recipes).
  • Once chicken filling (Chicken and spinach enchiladas) has finished cooking, place filling into a large bowl to cool slightly. Clean and dry mixing bowl.
  • Start recipe ‘Sweet potato pasta with burnt sage’. Place 1kg sweet potato into Varoma dish and tray to steam. You may wish to extend steaming time by 3-5 minutes before adding pasta in step 3. Give the sweet potato a good stir before you start cooking the pasta.
  • While sweet potato pasta is cooking, assemble enchiladas and place into the fridge after step 8.
  • Place half of the sweet potato aside in an airtight container to use in the salad another day.

By the end of your hour you will be ready for the week with:

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