Eggs ten ways with Thermomix®

Discover our egg-cellent egg recipes made easy, thanks to Thermomix®! From perfect poached eggs, to shakshuka and even meringues, you'll find egg dishes for everyone!
Eggs ten ways with Thermomix®

Eggs are a fantastic ingredient. Not only can they be used in their own forms and make for an indulgent breakfast, they are also a key ingredient for many other recipes and dishes, both savoury and sweet. Whether baking a cake, making homemade custard, blitzing up your own mayonnaise or garnishing a Nasi Goreng with a fried egg, eggs are everywhere and we love them!

Keep reading for 10 delicious ways you can cook eggs using Thermomix® and Cookidoo®.

Let’s start with eggs in their most basic form – you can cook any of these egg recipes for breakfast (or lunch or dinner or as a high protein snack) and turn the eggs into a dish as simple or as extravagant as you like!

Boiled eggs

Hard boiled, soft boiled, runny yolks, undercooked whites... for something so simple, it can be hard to get this right. However, using the Thermomix® egg boiler mode you can have consistent results, every time. You’ve just got to find the perfect setting for your perfect egg.

Scrambled eggs

You've not had scrambled eggs until you’ve had them sous-vide in your Thermomix®. They may take longer than scrambling eggs in a pot, but they are so light, silky and taste divine on toast alongside bacon, smoked salmon or halloumi!

Sunny side up eggs

Steam these ones with your Thermomix® Varoma and the result will be something in between a fried and poached egg, without having to use a pan or stove and with very little fat. Favourite top tip - sprinkle with ham or grated cheese before steaming. Yum! Find the recipe here.

Poached eggs

There are thousands of tips for perfect poached eggs, whether it’s a whirlpool, adding vinegar or making in a frying pan, we can guarantee you’ve tried them all. But have you tried poached eggs in your Thermomix®? You will need the Blade Cover for this one – buy this here.


Light, creamy and fluffy is everything we strive for in making the perfect omelette. With Thermomix® you can make a souffle omelette by splitting the egg, cooking the whites first before adding the yolk and then steaming the mixture on the Varoma.


Whilst these are the Cookidoo® recipes of eggs in their simplest form, we couldn’t help but throw in a few extra bonus recipes we love that would make an awesome breakfast or brunch that little bit more special:

Shakshuka recipe


Back to our top 10 and looking past breakfast, eggs may not always be the star of the dish, however they are essential in creating something spectacular or piecing a dish together. Whether creating homemade pantry staples or cooking restaurant-quality meals from home with Thermomix®, try one of these recipes that really showcase the best eggs have to offer.


Mayonnaise tastes so much better when it’s homemade and you can make it in just 5 minutes with one egg and your Thermomix®. Mayonnaise is great on burgers, with salads and you can add garlic to turn this into an aioli too.


Eggs and sugar are all you need to make meringues. This is another great recipe to have in your repertoire, with so many ways to turn this simple recipe into a delectable dessert. Try Lemon meringue tarts, Eton Mess or search “meringue” on Cookidoo® for more inspiration.

Scotch eggs

A traditional British dish, scotch eggs are a great addition to the picnic table and would go perfectly on a grazing board (buy the Bamboo Grazing Board here). Scotch eggs are hard-boiled eggs, wrapped in minced meat and covered in breadcrumbs – serve with lemon slices or try creating a lemon-spiked mayonnaise!


Another traditional dish, this time from France, a quiche is a savoury egg custard baked pie, often filled with cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables. The Quiche lorraine is a quiche classic, baked with bacon and Gruyere cheese.

Asian soups

The Southeast Asian Curry Laksa or Japanese Ramen are both noodle soups, garnished with a perfectly boiled egg sliced in half. Whilst they are both rich with flavour, they have very different flavour profiles - Laksa a spicy coconut broth and Ramen built from soy sauce.

There you have it, eggs ten ways with Thermomix®.

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