Batch cooking for your budget

Batch cooking can do wonders for saving time, money, and effort. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes to take out the guesswork.
Batch cooking for your budget

With a little planning and prep, batch cooking can do wonders for saving time, money, and effort. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite big budget batches to take out the guesswork, made easy with Thermomix (in fact, Thermomix does most of the prep and cooking for you!).


First, get a plan together

Set yourself up for success and less stress by first taking stock of what you have in your fridge and pantry. This will help you plan your recipes and grocery list, whilst saving you money buying only what’s necessary.

Recipe apps with a planning tool come in handy here and Cookidoo is our personal favourite (of course). Cookidoo houses over 70,000 recipes for step-by-step cooking with your Thermomix and what’s more, it comes with in-built meal planning and shopping list tools. You can also search recipes by ingredient, so you’ll always find something delicious using what’s on hand.

Here are some of our favourite big batch recipes.


Homemade yoghurt

Buying individual pots or large tubs from the shops can add up. Create delicious homemade yoghurt in your Thermomix instead and bottle it up for an easy, on-the-go breakfast.

This Natural yoghurt recipe creates a huge eight portions and costs less than a dollar to make. Plus, it’s a time saver as Thermomix basically does all the work for you!

For a dairy-free option, give our Creamy coconut yoghurt a try.

Helpful accessories:

Glass yoghurt jars

Yoghurt jar lids

2.2L Round white ThermoServer (pictured below, this one is made to fit perfectly in the Thermomix Varoma, which just so happens to be perfect for fermenting yoghurt too! Exclusive to Host Rewards, you can treat yourself to this ThermoServer when you host a qualifying Cooking Experience).

Recipe bases

Save on shop-bought alternatives, often filled with nasties, and opt for curry pastes and stocks you can easily whip up at home. You can make them in bulk and freeze for later to use in all sorts of mid-week recipes, from soups and stews to warming curries.

Our Vegetable stock paste is a firm favourite and makes a sizeable jar at only $0.16 a serve. You can also use up any leftover veg and herbs in your fridge for this recipe, saving on food wastage.

Mid-week curries in your Thermomix are quick and versatile, and Cookidoo has a range of curry pastes which can be made in mere minutes. Give our Thai green curry paste a go and freeze your batch in ice cube trays for later. You can then pop-out a serve to use in our Thai green curry recipe here, which will be on the table in 30 minutes flat (quicker than delivery and much healthier for you and your savings account)!

Helpful accessories:

Silicone freezer pods (pictured below)

Zip lock pouch


Classic mid-week dinners

That can be reheated for lunch as well! There are so many big batch recipes available on Cookidoo to try, and you can use search terms in the Explore section such as ‘soup’, ‘curry’ and ‘slow cooking’ to find hundreds of delicious, cost effective meals. Some of our favourites include:

Quick chicken curry
Beef stroganoff
Tuscan bean soup


    Helpful accessories:

    ThermoFlask (pictured below)

    Collapsible lunchbox

    Looking for more inspiration? Head over to Cookidoo here where you'll find even more budget friendly recipes.