11 Ways to save money with Thermomix®

11 Ways to save money with Thermomix®

For every Aussie household, the grocery shop is one of the biggest living expenses that just keeps on getting bigger. According to Canstar Blue’s latest survey*, the average supermarket shop is now $152 per week, adding up to $608 per month or $7,296 per year. For a family of five or more, the weekly cost comes to around $235.

So, if you’re still weighing up the cost of a Thermomix®, take a look at the top 11 favourite ways Aussies are saving money with a Thermomix®.

1. Better butters by far

58% of Aussie households surveyed* said they’re buying dairy and eggs on a weekly basis and 52% say they’re buying pantry items each week too. So what better way to save than making your own dairy and nut butters that are way better for you than store-bought brands packed with additives.

The cheapest way is to scoop up those discounted pots of pure full-fat whipping cream nearing their use-by date and pop them in your freezer for making your own butter – salted or unsalted, flavoured with parsley or garlic. Making butter from cream takes just 10 minutes with your Thermomix® and Butterfly Whisk, and you can use the leftover buttermilk for making waffles, scones, bread or pancakes. For beautifully presented homemade butter, you'll love our butter bundle set.

2. Low-price, big-flavour pizza nights

Who doesn’t love a pizza night? In fact, most Aussies have one every week. Whether you’re currently buying a fresh or frozen store-bought base and making your own toppings, buying the whole thing ready-made to cook at home, or getting it delivered hot to your door, pizza made with your Thermomix® can slice a big chunk off your weekly food bill.

And if you’re a pizza lover who can’t bear the thought of living without real restaurant-quality stone-baked pizzas, then you’re going to want to check out the game-changing Ovana Portable Pizza Oven.

3. Yoghurt that saves $$$’s while you catch zzz’s

If you and your family are big yoghurt eaters, you can easily get through a couple of 600g pots per week. Which means you’ll save big by making a 1kg batch of oh-so-good fresh yogurt (free from additives, preservatives, and sugars) overnight for under $5 by switching your Thermomix® to ‘Fermentation’ mode.

And perhaps the cutest way to save is with these reusable glass yogurt jars with lids - much more affordable than filling your shopping basket with single-serve pots every week or grabbing breakfast-to-go from your local coffee-stop.

4. More fresh baked goods for less dough

As the bakery sections in supermarkets are expanding, so are our shopping bills! Around 55% of Aussies say they add baked goods to their basket every week*. And a third say they make a beeline for the more expensive gourmet goodies like olive breads. But homemade rolls, buns and loaves made with your Thermi are the stuff of legend – quicker and easier than you think, much healthier and tastier and the best way to save money every day of the week. Discover our range of bread baking essentials, including our Fenix Cast Iron Dutch Ovenbread proofing baskets, bread boxes, bread tins and more!

5. Roll out the pastry and more savings

Thermomix® takes homemade pastry out of the too hard basket and leaves more money in your pocket. You don’t even need to get your hands dirty, because rubbing the flour and fat together is done completely hands-free in the mixing bowl and you’ll have a batch done in just 5 minutes - ready to chill in the fridge for a fresh batch of your family favourites, or to freeze for later.

6. Stock up on pantry basics

52% of the average weekly shop is pantry items*, such as pasta, flour, oils and stock cubes etc. This is where your Thermomix® can really help you get the most value out of your bulk food savings and vegetable scraps too.

You can turn one basic ingredient into a whole range of other pantry basics by milling your own flours, almond meal, caster sugar, icing sugar and spice blends. And you can save all the odds and ends from your herb and vegetable cuttings (think carrot tips, onion skin, herb stalks) in the freezer ready to make a batch of liquid gold Thermomix® stock paste that’ll make your meals taste a million dollars!

7. Takeaway night for under $5 per serve

The average Aussie family of four spends around $128 a month on food delivery apps^ – it’s a cost you can cut by more than half by cooking up a much healthier fakeaway family meal in your Thermomix® for under $5 per serve. So, why not try DIY? It’s a great way to save and level-up your home-cooking by learning to make a new cuisine.

8. Stacks more savings on snacks and celebrations

All those snacks you add to your shopping basket really stack up. Banana bread. Muffins. Cupcakes. Biscuits. Anything chocolatey. An average family could be spending anything upwards of $10 a day for lunchbox treats and snack fixes packed with sugars, additives and preservatives.

And what about those splash-outs on special occasions? 28% of Aussie shoppers trust their supermarket bakery for special occasion cakes like birthdays*. And one-in-four choose to bring store-bought cupcakes or amuse-bouche than bring a plate to the party*. Imagine how big you’ll save with a simple batch of 12 x Thermi-made mini loaves or a homemade chocolate cake! Potentially saving you up to $60 if you’re grabbing your daily treats from a café.

Check out our bakeware that will help to create three of our favourite frugal, fast and healthy snacks you can make in your Thermi below. All of which can be safely stored in our Vac-U-Seal vacuum sealer set and stay fresher for longer!

9. Coffee hits without the slap

If a morning coffee stop is a must, you could be spending up to $25 per week on your coffee fix, adding up to $1,300 per year. But you don’t need to go without your cafe-quality cuppa when you have your own barista at home. Your Thermomix® can grind fresh coffee beans, boil the water, and froth the milk for you. All you’ll need is a sieve or strainer, and a reusable coffee cup if you’re making it to go.

10. Smarter smoothies and juices

If your mornings or afternoons need a juice or protein boost to pick you up, the Thermomix® can whip up your favourite green smoothie or berry blend in just five minutes for less than half the price you’d pay at a café. Take it 'to go' in our smoothie tumbler and you'll have a refreshing beverage wherever you go! And you can use up leftover fruits to reduce your food waste and save even more on your vitamin blitz.

11. Get stuck into dips

Storebought flatbreads, chips and dips are easy crowd-pleasers when you’re having the fam or friends over. But why would you buy storebought when your Thermomix® makes it so quick and easy to whip up your own that cost less than half the price and taste twice as good? And while your Thermomix® makes light work of the dough, our snack rollers and adjustable rolling pin will help you to get perfectly symmetrical shapes that look and taste great.

Your investment can pay for itself within a year

Those who’ve already made the investment in a Thermomix® say the weekly savings from making their own pantry staples, bread, snacks and meals from scratch in their Thermi really add up. And because it’s built to last, you’ll enjoy many more years of savings to come.

Still making your mind up? Check out our latest Thermomix® Savings Guide and download some seasonal money saving recipe inspo.

*Source: Canstar Blue research, July 2022.

^Source: Canstar Blue research, January 2022.