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Fly Fan
Fly Fan
Fly Fan
Fly Fan
Fly Fan
Fly Fan
Fly Fan
Fly Fan
Fly Fan
Fly Fan
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Fly Fan

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No need to get in a flap to keep flies away from food outside, or out of your kitchen, because you’ve got the most stylish and clever fly fan for your outdoor table, barbecue area, benchtop or camp kitchen, right here.

Our picture-perfect outdoor lifestyle here in Australia is the envy of the world, but we all know the moment the perfect alfresco dining and camping weather arrives, so do the pesky bugs and flies. So we set out to find the most elegant fly repellent solution for your table, and this fly fan was the winner, hands down.

It’s 100% chemical free and eco-friendly, child-safe, food-safe, portable and oh-so sleek. Especially in our signature Thermomix rose gold.

How does it work? See those repel dots on each of the soft propellor blades? They spin and reflect light to create the movement flies and bugs hate. And the real beauty, as well as its minimalist design, is the soft blades immediately stop when a hand touches them and start spinning again as soon as the hand moves away.

So all your guests, including the little ones, can safely and easily help themselves. You don't have to worry about your creations getting contaminated. And your outdoor table will always look inviting and amazing with a strategically-placed fly fan or two, or more.

No unsightly and fiddly food covers here. No free hands or sharp eyes needed to keep flies away from food outside, or in your kitchen. You can just relax and enjoy fly-free entertaining.

Please note, you’ll need two AA batteries to power your fly fan (not included). We recommend rechargeable batteries to keep it running for a lifetime with minimal cost and waste.

Key Features

  • The most elegant way to keeps flies away from food outside
  • Safety feature – soft blades stop when touched by hands
  • 100% chemical-free bug repellent is 100% food-safe – no nasty aerosols and sprays
  • Unique holographmatic dots on each blade create the movement flies hate
  • Each fan has a fly repellent radius of 65cm
  • Stylish, fly-free entertaining, barbecues, picnics and camping

Dimensions: 8cm W x 25cm H
Operating radius: 42cm
Repellent radius: 65cm

Wipe the fly fan with a slightly damp soft cloth to remove any food spatters. We also recommend two AA rechargeable batteries to keep your fans running for a lifetime with minimal cost and waste.

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