7 benefits of cooking with cast iron: The cookware legend that lives on

Cast iron cookware is known for being durable, easy to clean, and locks in all the flavours whilst cooking. Discover our top recipes and benefits of cooking with Firra cast iron cookware!
7 benefits of cooking with cast iron: The cookware legend that lives on

Dating as far back as 2,400 years BT (before Thermomix®), cast iron cookware is still one of the most valuable, versatile and durable items of cookware any cook can own. Back in the days of the Han Dynasty in China, it was the original multi-cooker. Nannas still swear by it. And renowned chefs the world over still rely on it to turn even the most basic ingredients into the richest of flavours. This legend makes the ideal heavy-weight cooking partner for your Thermomix® that’ll turn you into the god (or goddess) of the kitchen.

Let’s take a look at the tonne of benefits you get with this heavy weight champion that is our Firra Cast Iron Cookware collection.

Made to last a lifetime, and hand down to the next generation.

There’s a reason you’ll still find 75-year-old cast iron pans passed down the generations. They’re hard as nails, built to last and pretty much indestructible. But if you’re going to make the investment in a new one, you’ll want to carefully consider the quality of the cast iron and enamel coating. Not just for the longevity of use in your own kitchen, but for giving to your own grandkids someday.

The main benefit of quality enamelled cast iron cookware is that it doesn’t rust like bare cast iron – it’s easy care and won’t require seasoning. You can pop it in your dishwasher, but we recommend handwashing to keep it looking and cooking its best for a lifetime. Just make sure it’s thoroughly dried before storing it.

Cookware that can handle (and retain) the heat.

After centuries of cookware innovation, there’s still nothing that rivals cast iron for withstanding smoking hot temperatures (up to 300°C), providing super energy-efficient heat retention and distributing heat perfectly on any cooking surface (including induction), so there’s no hot or cold spots.

If you want to get technical, it has an incredibly high volumetric heat capacity and a 0.64 emissivity rating. But in simple terms, once it's hot, it stays hot and expels heat deep into the dish – so, it’s not just cooking what’s in direct contact with the bottom or sides of the pot! Which makes it perfect for searing meat and then popping in your oven to cook low and slow, or roasting a whole chicken. And yes, it’s tough enough to go from your stovetop straight into the oven. No need for extra pans, which means less washing up.

Tip: While enamelled cast iron cookware also withstands temperatures up to 300°C, like all cast iron it works best if you heat it up slowly and add your fats or oils before you beginning heating.

Baking artisanal bread in a pot that’s got the lot!

Beautifully crusty and rustic on the outside. Soft and airy on the inside. Its secret power is steam, harnessed with an tight-fitting lid and evenly distributed by little self-basting dots (or picots) on the inside of the lid to feed your dough just the right amount of moisture. Check out our collection of cast iron breads on Cookidoo®.

Locks in goodness. Develops the richest flavours. Creates the best comfort foods.

Those same clever cast iron cookware features that harness steam power to raise the perfect rustic crusty loaf also put all the big, hearty flavours in your winter stews and year-round family favourites. The tight-fitting lid locks the nutrients in your root veggies and meats, while those picots under the lid put in all the hard yards to evenly baste your bakes. You’ve never tasted a roast chicken like a Dutch oven roast chicken, or a winter stew like a cast iron casserole dish can do!

Budget-friendly cooking with cast iron cookware.

Your nanna would know. Even the cheapest and toughest cuts of meat can be cooked low and slow to fall-apart, melt-in-the-mouth perfection in cast iron cookware pot. And you’ll be blown away by the big flavour you can achieve with just a few very basic ingredients.

Food safe and non-toxic.

Enamelled cast iron cookware is food safe, non-toxic and the perfect option if you’re going to be using your pot to cook a lot of acidic foods like tomato-based stews and sauces.

A timeless oven-to-table showpiece centrepiece.

Last but by no means least, the timeless classic style of quality enamelled cast iron cookware looks simply gorgeous brought straight from oven to table for your wow-factor centrepiece.

A legend in the baking - Firra cast iron cookware

Our Recipe Development Team tried and tested a huge range of cast iron cookware designs before finding the most worthy heavy-weight cooking partner for the Thermomix® – our quality Firra Cast Iron Cookware Set. With a stylish, emerald-green enamel coating and our signature rose gold handles, Fenix Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Ambrosia Cast Iron Casserole Dish takes your creations from stove to oven to table with timeless style and grace.

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