All hail the humble spud!

Everybody has a favourite potato dish during the festive season, and if you're after a show-stopping potato recipe to add to the Christmas table, you're in luck! Discover our favourite potato dishes today.
All hail the humble spud!

While they mightn’t necessarily get a lot of the spotlight, potatoes are so often the unsung hero of so many of our favourite spreads. What is Chrissy without a roast spud or potato salad (or both!), what’s a burger without chips, and there’s always room for a potato bake. Mmmm… 

Another area potatoes often get missed off the list is nutritional benefit. Well, we’re here to bust some potato myths! Did you know, potatoes are actually full of nutrients like fibre, potassium and vitamin C? What’s more, when you cook and cool potatoes they become a font for what’s known as ‘resistant starch’. According to CSIRO, resistant starch is important in supporting a healthy gut microbiome and protect us against disease. Resistant starch basically acts as a prebiotic and is a favourite food of the good bacteria in the gut. Other great sources of resistant starch are cooked and cooled rice and green bananas, amongst many other things. 

So, while you’re enjoying your cold potato salad this Christmas, you can feel extra good about yourself because you’re getting some gut-loving goodness at the same time. 

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