A Taste of Gwinganna

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat offers an beautiful environment to heal, recharge and transform your health and wellbeing. Discover a taste of Gwinganna with our nourishing and healthy recipes.
A Taste of Gwinganna

A natural way to boost immunity

As we head into winter, with immunity and family budgets top of mind for us all, we’ve partnered with the award-winnng wellness destination, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, to bring the flavour and nutrition of Gwinganna to all our homes, through our new release collection on Cookidoo®, A Taste of Gwinganna. Naturally bolster your immunity with these beautiful recipes you can easily enjoy every day of the week.  

Of course, nutrition is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to bolstering our wellness overall.  

“People come to Gwinganna to realign and restore their energy from the pressures of the day-to-day. Taking the time for yourself, to remove distractions and to re-focus is so important. That’s what we help people to do,” says Tracy Willis, Public Relations Manager from Gwinganna. “Optimal nutrition and giving your body what it needs to thrive plays an important role every day.” 


Top tips from the team at Gwinganna on nourishing your wellness from the inside-out 

In today’s busy world, finding time for self-care is becoming more and more important. Here are some top tips from Gwinganna's wellness experts. 

1.  Physical wellbeing  

Nourishing our bodies with the best foods, moving our bodies, and getting consistent quality sleep is vital. Being conscious of our bodies creates a flow-on effect on emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

2.  Emotional wellbeing 

Is what we’re telling ourselves serving us in a positive way? “What the mind perceives, the body believes”. Positive self-talk, running a bath, or getting a message allows us to be in the moment and honour ourselves. 

3.  Spiritual wellbeing 

This is all about connecting with ourselves. Our greatest capacity as humans can be achieved by the more that we can listen, be present and connect. Immerse yourself in things that make you marvel, focus on positive elements, drink fluids that hydrate you and eat foods that nourish you. Connect with people who lift you up.  

Nourish your soul  

Creating nutritious, delicious and balanced recipes from an award-winning retreat in the comfort of your own home has never been easier! Thanks to your little helper in the kitchen, your Thermomix® TM6, you can enjoy the confidence of step-by-step cooking on the Thermomix® screen with pre-set time, temperature, and speed settings. No matter how good you are in the kitchen, you’ll be eating like you’re at a wellness retreat.  

With recipes for everyone to love, we’ve picked three recipes from the collection to share. Here they are:  

Turmeric chicken with coconut cream and green beans 

Think aromatic with fresh turmeric, lemongrass, chilli, kaffir lime leaves with sauce made in the Thermomix poured over the chicken and finished on the stove top. Beans steamed in the Varoma added to the dish and finished with garnished herbs and toasted nuts.  

Amaranth nut and seed bread  

Think delicious, versatile, healthy nut and seed bread. Savoury on a grazing board with cheese or an afternoon sweet variation with fruit and orange zest and a tea on the side. 

Pumpkin and seed porridge 

Think hearty and warming pumpkin and seed porridge, almost like a wholesome breakfast risotto. Pumpkin, brown rice, sunflower seeds cooked in coconut cream. Served with fruit, coconut and walnuts.  

“I have stayed at Gwinganna and am a huge fan of their ethos and their food. The Pumpkin porridge is amazing” says Grace Mazur, Managing Director at Thermomix. “So, we joined forces with the team at Gwinganna to create a collection on our recipe platform, Cookidoo®. It means all our community can easily enjoy the taste of Gwinganna following the recipe step-by-step on their Thermomix® TM6 screen.” 

“This also supports the Gwinganna ethos of continuing the practices you learn at the retreat, once you get home,” adds Grace. 

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