Your time-freeing dream team

An ultra-light and powerful all-in-one vacuum and mop that levels up your cleaning and frees up more time for what matters most.

Vacuum and mop in one powerful, effortless sweep.

Kobold has made a game-changer in cordless cleaning to save you even more time and effort when you vacuum and mop in one go. Say hello to the VK7. It’s the most compact, easy-to-move, lightweight cordless vacuum and mop that packs the biggest suction power and highest-performing double motor and battery*, not to mention the smartest tech. It automatically adjusts the power and brush speed as you move between different floor types and adds three moisture levels to its vibrating microfibre technology to leave the cleanest, streak-free, hygienic finish on all hard floors.

The quietest ever 2-in-1 that’s ready to go anytime.

Feel free to clean wherever and at whatever time’s most convenient with Kobold VK7. You won’t be inconveniencing anyone with the quietest cordless vacuum and mop ever made, running at just 78 DB. It’s even leading the charge on minimising battery charging time to as little as 90 minutes^, as well as maximising runtime by delivering top performance right down to the last second of charge. And with a sleek wall-mounted set-up and handy upright park position, Kobold’s quick and easy to store and right there ready to go whenever you are.

Just click and go above and beyond floors.

Level up again and extend your Kobold Cordless Vacuum (VK7) to a versatile modular cleaning system, with click-on attachments engineered for every crevice and surface. Flip and fold the handle to make this ultra-light cordless vacuum even more compact and convenient to use. Slip on the comfy shoulder strap, select the right tool for the job and you’re free to swiftly clean cornices, skirting boards, and everything in between, picking up lamps and books with one hand and cleaning effortlessly with the other. Then switch to the Upholstery Brush for your couch, mattresses (even the delicate ones) and car interior. 

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I'm in! How do I buy my Kobold?

"It's a GAME CHANGER! That is all I have said to people, it's just crazy good!"

Aisling H.

Thermomix® Consultant

"I am really enjoying my new Kobold VK7. I love being able to easily adjust the settings for hard floors, spot cleans, and midweek light cleans. This model also has really great suction for those deeper clean or once a week maintenance vacuum (which I find most cordless vacuums are lacking) Being Cordless also means saving time and it is light so I can whip around my 2 storey house quickly and easily whenever I need.   "

Janine S.

Thermomix® Consultant

"With a Thermomix in my kitchen and a new VK7 on hand, this complete cleaning system makes it quicker and easier than ever to keep on top of things around the home. It's a complete game changer in my opinion, giving me more time to spend doing the things I love. "

Sarah B.

Thermomix® Consultant