Cooking with the Ovana Pizza Oven

All fired up?

Say hello to perfect pizza. Watch our Recipe Development Manager (and major pizza lover), Rachel, in this video as she shows you how to get started creating restaurant-quality pizzas in 60 seconds using the Ovana Pizza Oven. Now that's amore!


Get ready for launch

Getting your pizza dough from the peel into your Ovana Pizza Oven is called ‘launching your pizza dough’. It can take a little bit of practice to get the hang of it (more practice = more pizza) so to help you master your launch we’ve put together a blog of our top tips.

Top tips from a World Pizza Champion

Learn from the best of the best, Johnny Di Francesco. In this video series, Johnny serves up a generous slice of his expertise showing you how to nail pizza dough like a pro in your Thermomix® TM6 and stone-bake it to restaurant-quality perfection in seconds with your Ovana Portable Pizza Oven.

Johnny's pizza dough tips

From using the perfect ingredients, to proving and stretching your dough, discover Johnny's top tips on creating the best quality pizza dough.

Making pizza dough

Proving pizza dough

Strecthing pizza dough

Johnny's pizza cooking tips

The fine art of crafting authentic pizza at home is easy when you follow Johnny's expert tips of topping, launching, and cooking your pizza in the Ovana Portable Pizza Oven.

Pizza topping tips

Using the pizza peel

Cooking your pizza

Up your pizza game with the best Ovana accessories

Pizza and beyond!

When you've mastered the perfect pizza, fire up your Ovana Portable Pizza Oven and use that impressive high heat with the cast iron Ovana Sizzle Pan to grill steaks, cook chicken kebabs or sear veggies. There's endless outdoor entertainment and good food with an Ovana Pizza Oven.