The perfect Mother's Day brunch ideas

The perfect Mother's Day brunch ideas

Mother’s Day is (probably) the biggest brunch day of the year, but this year why not scrap the restaurant reservation and go the extra mile with a homemade breakfast in bed, high-tea or ladies lunch? It’s easy with the help of Thermomix® - and it’ll be cheaper and more impressive too!

Pop the champers, we think your Mum might like these:


Cinnamon buns

Let mum wake up to the comforting smell of cinnamon scrolls baking in the oven and use Thermomix® Sensor to ensure your scrolls are baked to perfection. Baking these yourself will cost you $1.27^ per serve (versus $5.00 for 1 from a local bakery). 


Souffle pancakes

These fluffy pancakes use Thermomix® to whip up meringue and mix batter before being folded together. Having a second Bowl, Blade and Lid Set to hand makes this recipe much easier. Serve with maple syrup and fresh berries for a deliciously sweet breakfast! 


Gruyère and asparagus Dutch baby pancakes

For a dose of savoury goodness in pancake form, bake these Dutch baby pancakes in a skillet and top with white sauce, ham and asparagus. With a crispy, puffed crust and soft custardy middle, this is a dish Mum won’t want to share this Mother's Day! 


Cafe-style miso mushrooms

Elevate your eggs on toast breakfast with miso mushrooms. Sauté using TM6 high-temp mode before serving with sourdough toast, whipped feta and your choice of eggs – all of which can be made in Thermomix®! Search Cookidoo® for recipes.

Did you know creating a delicious cafe-style breakfast from home with Thermomix® could feed the whole family for the same price as eating out for one?


Sweet potato quiche with proscuitto

It doesn't get more classic than a quiche, yet this one’s a little extra special with a sweet potato base and prosciutto topping. Taken from our Creating Something Incredible cookbook, this recipe is incredibly easy to make with only 15 mins prep time and perfect for lunch! 


Mini cakes and mini bundts

There’s a whole Cookidoo® collection of mini cakes and sweet treats perfect for a delicious homemade high-tea experience. The Mini classic Polish “torts” will really wow Mum, whereas the Mini Jamaican style ginger bundts allow you to make ahead as these become tastier and stickier if left for a few days before eaten.

The Rose Gold Mini Bakeware Cake or Bundt Tins also make a great Mother’s Day gift 😉 explore the Rose Gold collection here

If you’re hoping to be swept off your feet with one of these breakfast dishes on Mother’s Day, just add your recipe choice to ‘My Week’ on Cookidoo® and let your kids* take the reigns. With Thermomix® TM6 Guided Cooking, your kids will be taken step-by-step through the recipe. What could possibly go wrong?


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^Prices are current at the time of writing and excludes salt and the fillings optional ingredients. 

*Children need adult supervision when using Thermomix®