Best low FODMAP recipes and meal inspiration with Thermomix®

Explore easy low FODMAP recipes and meal ideas, from FODMAP-friendly meal prep snacks, to quick low FODMAP dinners and pizza bases. Learn more tips for cooking on a low FODMAP diet with Thermomix®.
Best low FODMAP recipes and meal inspiration with Thermomix®

When people say “FODMAP diet,” they usually mean a diet low in FODMAP foods. FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols. These are short-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that can cause tummy-troubling symptoms in some people.

“The low FODMAP diet is a short-term restrictive eating plan designed to identify foods that can lead to symptoms such as IBS,” says Clinical Nutritionist Jessica Clayden. “As the nature of the FODMAP diet involves cutting out food groups it’s best to speak to a health professional before commencing, and work alongside them during the elimination and reintroduction phase of the diet.”

Foods that trigger symptoms vary from person to person. The FODMAP elimination diet is designed to reduce symptoms and allow time to identify which foods are aggravating the gut. Foods to avoid commonly include wheat-based products such as bread and cereals, beans and lentils, vegetables like onions, garlic and leek, and some fruits including apples. Instead, ingredients like eggs and meat, cheese, almond milk, gluten free grains and low FODMAP fruits and vegetables are encouraged.

Looking for low FODMAP meal ideas? Check out our low FODMAP recipe suggestions below from Cookidoo®, our recipe platform that connects directly to the screen of the Thermomix® TM6.

Low FODMAP breakfast

Low FODMAP snacks

Low FODMAP dinners and sides

Low FODMAP pizza base!

Breads and pizzas are some of the foods that people following a FODMAP diet plan miss most. Good news! You can enjoy a delicious slice of pizza while on the low FODMAP diet. Our Gluten free pizza base is made from low fodmap flours. Top with a white bechamel sauce or a garlic-free pesto and add your favourite low fodmap toppings.


Find more low FODMAP recipes on Cookidoo® 

Once you’ve made your way through these recipes there are plenty more options available on Cookidoo® for you to work your way through. Use the search filters to exclude ingredients like garlic or onion that commonly cause issues. To exclude an ingredient you just need to add a – in front of the ingredients name within the search filters. Not sure how to do this? Remember our Consultants are always available to help and guide you through the functionality of your Thermomix® and Cookidoo®.

If you’ve found a recipe you love but need to swap out an ingredient for a fodmap friendly one, you can use Created Recipes on Cookidoo® to save your adapted recipe. For example, this Pumpkin risotto with bacon can easily be adjusted to fit a fodmap diet plan by omitting the eschalot and using a fodmap friendly vegetable stock paste. By saving this modified recipe in Created Recipes you’ll then be able to cook it using step-by-step instructions on your TM6 screen without needing to remember the variations.

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