Health benefits of black ingredients to use in your Black Limited Edition Thermomix® TM6

The health benefits of black ingredients are being proven time and time again! Black garlic, black beans and activated charcoal are amongst some of our favourite black superfoods with amazing benefits to your health.
Health benefits of black ingredients to use in your Black Limited Edition Thermomix® TM6

There’s something intriguing about food when it’s the colour black, like it almost doesn’t seem right? But boy, it is definitely alright with us. Not only can you create some incredibly delicious dishes from black ingredients that stand out on a plate, but there are also some wonderful health benefits too. Try one of these wholesome and healthy black ingredients in a recipe with your Black Limited Edition Thermomix® or check out the full Cookidoo collection for more inspiration on cooking black.

Black garlic

Black garlic has a milder flavour and a delicate sticky consistency compared to your regular garlic and it can be added to pastas, blended into oils or mixed into dips and sauces. Black garlic is the result of fermentation and with it comes a huge number of antioxidants that benefit the heart, liver, blood sugar and the brain. These health benefits outweigh raw garlic.

Use black garlic to make Black garlic and onion jam, just 25 minutes in your Thermomix®. Serve with grilled meats and sausages or as an accompaniment on a cheese board. 

Black garlic and onion jam recipe

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has been used for a long time to treat various illnesses, but has more recently become part of this statement food trend too. The activated charcoal will trap toxins and gases and remove them from the body and it is regularly used as an anti-poison treatment too. Health benefits also include improved digestion and reduced cholesterol levels.

With no noticeable flavour, try activated charcoal in these Charcoal bao buns for a striking dish to share with friends and just add the filling of your choice.

Charcoal black bao buns

Black beans

Black beans are nutritionally powerful with antioxidants, fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Whilst incredibly healthy, they are tasty, versatile and are a great alternative for a plant-based protein too. You will often find black beans in mexican-style dishes such as chilli con carne or enchiladas.

However, try these Black bean brownies as a sweeter alternative – created with dried black beans, but canned beans work well too. Everyone from adults to toddlers will love them! 

Or if you can find black bean spaghetti (made from 100% black beans) in your local grocery store, try this Black bean spaghetti bolognese and wow your family. 

Black bean brownies

Black sesame seeds

With a stronger flavour and more crunch than white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds also contain more nutrients, antioxidants and have a higher fat content. Black sesame seeds are a versatile ingredient for cooking with, whether sprinkled onto Asian dishes or baked into brownies, each will be a good source of energy.

This Black sesame cream soup is now available to make using Cookidoo® and can be made in less than 15 minutes. Try it, it’s probably not what you think! 

Black sesame cream soup

Black tahini

Of course, black sesame seeds can be blended up into Black tahini to reap all the same amazing health benefits, but to also widen your choice of things to cook. With a much more intense, nutty flavour, black tahini adds a unique flavour to desserts such as cake, brownies and ice cream.

Make your own Black tahini and then use it to create Black tahini banana bread – served with ricotta cream, this has been a delicious hit here at Thermomix® HQ.

Black tahini brownie bread

You can also create statement black dishes from squid ink, liquorice, black cocoa powder and black rice!

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