Savvy Saving Tips for a Merry Christmas

Savvy Saving Tips for a Merry Christmas

Christmas – it’s the most spendiest time of the year! With the cost of living CONSTANTLY increasing as we head into the Christmas season, you’re not alone in feeling like you’re at risk of having your Christmas spirit ripped out from underneath you.

If you hip pocket is already feeling a little empty at the moment, do not fret – we have some simple savings tips to help you remain financially savvy during the holiday period.



Tis the season for socialising… so much socialising. What is it about the holiday period that makes every friend you’ve ever had suddenly reach out – ‘we must catch up for Christmas!’. And while we’re all for holiday hangs and Christmas lunches (Chixmas anyone?) all those meals and drinks out can really add up.

This season, shake things up by hosting a more casual affair at home. With your Thermomix® it’s easy and surprisingly quick to whip up restaurant quality dishes at home. And when it’s time for complements to the chef, you can scoop up all the praise.

And the best part? Staying in means you can avoid being politely ushered out once your two hour sitting expires.

Looking to mix things up? Try one of our fun ideas for festive flings below.


DIY Wine tasting

Invite each guest to bring a bottle of wine to share with the group. You can choose a theme like ‘reds’ or ‘rosé’ or keep it open. Then place them all on the table with a label with the name of the person who brought it. You can even make a game of it by voting on everyone’s favourite wine. Choose some simple snacks to serve (may we suggest a grazing box and something hearty to keep everyone full!


Homemade Pizza Party

A homemade pizza party has all the ingredients for a good time – minus the work. You can easily make up a few batches of Thermomix Pizza Dough and prepare a bunch of toppings (or share the load by asking your guests to bring one of their favourite toppings to share).


Bottomless brunch

Ah, brunch. One of the most exciting and satisfying meals of the day. But when you make it bottomless? It's time to party.

Bottomless brunches are huge at the moment, but in reality offer little value for money. It’s really easy to recreate a brunch at home.


Putting amazing food on your holiday table shouldn’t mean forking out a small fortune, even with the rising cost of food. For more recipe ideas and ways to save with Thermomix® at Christmas time, check out our Thrifty Christmas Tips and Budget Christmas Recipe Inspiration.