Next level Christmas grazing tables and platters

Looking for the best ideas for Christmas platters, finger foods, sustainable gifts and grazing tables? Go no further, we have you covered.
Next level Christmas grazing tables and platters

A grazing box for every occasion

Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect combination:

Our Bamboo Grazing Box from TheMix Shop + the recipe theme to suit you.
There are two sizes to choose from - small or large. The smaller size is great for intimate gatherings, solo snacks or serving just a couple of people. On the other hand, the larger sizes are great for entertaining a larger group. But both sizes are perfect for filling with your favourite Christmas recipes, as edible gift ideas!

Keep scrolling for ideas and recipes using your Thermomix® for grazing boxes with Christmas cookies and a whole array of Christmas desserts. Savoury grazing boxes are also great and perfect for that ‘bring-a-plate’ option or the centrepiece of a Christmas grazing table.

Be inspired here, then head to our recipe platform, Cookidoo® to plan yours!

The Christmas Cookie Grazing Box

This is perfect for gifts and so easy and inexpensive to make. If you’re planning a teacher’s gift, perhaps invite other school parents to all make cookies and fill the box together as the end of year gift.

Great biscuit and cookie recipes for this book are:

Christmas meringue grazing box

The sky’s the limit with what you can create here! If it’s a gift, then fill it with mini meringues and macarons. If it’s your dessert bring-a-plate or centrepiece, smear lemon and/or berry curd on the bottom of box, top with mini meringues and meringue chards, then finish with dollops of whipped cream, berrie curd, lemon curd and fresh fruit.

Antipasto grazing box

antipasto christmas grazing box

Such a quick, easy and convenient ‘bring-a-plate’ option for all your summer events. Pile your Bamboo grazing box high with goodies, pop the lid on and take it along with you. Then, it’s a simple one to pack up when it’s time to go home too.

Combine your favourite cheeses and Christmas charcuterie board items with Thermomix® platter meats, dips, chutneys, relishes, grissini, crackers… Whatever takes your fancy!

Keen for more Thermomix® Christmas recipe inspo?

See our Thermomix® Christmas Menu to create your family’s menu from our top recipes or shop our amazing range of Christmas gift ideas over on TheMix Shop!

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