Benefits of multi-tasking with an extra Thermomix® Bowl, Blade and Lid set.

Benefits of multi-tasking with an extra Thermomix® Bowl, Blade and Lid set.

With an extra BBL (bowl, blade and lid set) helping you take multi-tasking to next level, there’ll be no more BBL (be back later) while you stop to wash and dry your only bowl. And once you discover all the deliciousness you can whip up double-quick, you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed with just one!


#1 Prove bread dough while making killer fillers or pizza toppings

What’s better than filling your home with that amazing aroma of freshly baked bread? Filling said bread with some killer surprise flavours for devouring fresh and/or freezing for lunchbox treats.

An extra bowl, blade and lid doubles the flavour and halves to the prep time using one bowl to proof your dough and your second bowl to whip up your filling for sweet or savoury pockets, pies, scrolls and rolls. Give these a whirl.


# 2 Whip up fluffy egg whites and mid-week treats real quick

The secret to perfectly fluffy peaks of whipped egg whites for meringues, roulades, sponges and mousse is a sparkling clean bowl. With a second clean and dry bowl ready to go, you can get on with whipping your eggs without having to break your flow.

Try these soufflé pancakes for the lightest, fluffiest, dreamiest pancakes. Serve with a dusting of icing sugar and a little maple syrup.

With a second bowl you’ll also have chocolate mousse in a matter of minutes – melting chocolate in one bowl and whipping your whites in the other.


#3 Dinner in a dash when your bowl’s in the dishwasher

We’ve all been there. You need to get dinner on in a hurry but your bowl’s still in the dishwasher. With a second bowl, blade and lid set you’re all set to get prepping and cooking while your dishwasher gets on with the washing up.  


 #4 MYO wholefood ingredients in seconds

What if you’re mid-way through a recipe and it calls for almond meal, rice flour, grated parmesan or icing sugar? Do you stop and run to the shops? Or do you pause your prep to get your bowl washed and dried? This is where you can save so much time and money by doing a quick switcheroo with a second bowl – creating your own healthy wholefood ingredients from scratch in seconds without breaking your flow. 


#5 Speedy Sunday cook-ups

Those big Sunday cook-ups will take half the time with two bowls on the go and no washing up to do between recipes. Get meals prepped for the week ahead. Get Sunday dinner done in half the time. Grab more quality time for the things that matter most. Discover our hour of power meal plan.


#6 Worry-free and easy cooking for allergies 

Adding a second bowl removes a lot of worry and risk of cross-contamination when you’re cooking for family and guests with allergies or special dietary requirements. You can simply allocate your second bowl wholly to making sure they’re happy and well catered for. 


#7 All the trimmings in next to no time

Whip up a tasty gravy in your extra bowl with next to no extra time needed. Switch your bowl as soon as your mashed potato and steamed veg are ready to go, and you’ll have the finishing touches on your table in minutes.


#8 Pre-dinner cocktails in two shakes (and one extra bowl)

A second Thermomix bowl brings the best mixologist to the party, making the most incredible cocktails to welcome your dinner guests while your other bowl takes care of your showcase dish.

Grab your third pair of multi-tasking hands with a second Bowl, Blade and Lid set or check out our entire range of Thermomix® spare parts and accessories!