10 Budget Dinners that start with Vegetable Stock Paste

10 Budget Dinners that start with Vegetable Stock Paste

When the dinner dilemma hits, we find ourselves asking “what’s for dinner?” And let’s face it, with the cost of everything under the sun going up, making a meal that’s both budget friendly and family-approved can feel like a total puzzle!

If you want to pack your meals with a huge punch of flavour, having homemade vegetable stock paste is an absolute must (it’s also one of the first things you’ll make in your Thermie with your Consultant during your Delivery Briefing!).

Not only will you save some previous bucks by making your own, you also get to control exactly what goes in and avoid those sneaky additives and preservatives that can sometimes hide in store-bought alternatives.

Top tip: You can make your vegetable stock paste even cheaper by having a bag or container in the freezer to save vegetable peels, odds and ends!


Now that you’ve got your stock paste sorted, here are 10 budget friendly dinners starting with veggie stock paste that are sure to get your family’s seal of approval.

Let’s start with one of our top-rated recipes on Cookidoo! The Spiced lamb pie recipe uses filo pastry, feta, lamb mince and spices for an easy dinner that will have you coming back for more.


Using your Firra Baking Dish, this is perfect for 6 or saving the leftovers for lunch the next day! The Baked Chicken Pizzaiola is a total people pleaser. You can also use any cheese you have left in the fridge and you can also add spinach before topping with cheese!

Another recipe that calls for your Firra Baking Dish is Yiayia’s Pastitsio. A classic Greek homely pasta dish with layers of pasta, spiced meat, sauce, cheese and a rich and smooth white sauce.


While cauliflower is available all year round, it’s in its peak during Autumn and what better way to use up your cauliflower than with the Cauliflower soup with bacon dust for that extra flavour crunch!


Fancy breakfast for dinner? The Spicy eggs with tomato sauce are the perfect option with a slice or two of freshly baked bread. It’s super easy to make and will only take 30mins of your time. 


The Vegetarian chilli is the ultimate budget dinner that uses pantry ingredients! It’s also really versatile and can be served with rice, jacket potatoes, traditional Mexican sides like guacamole, sour cream, grated cheese or to fill tortillas and tacos! 


The Pasta e fagioli is one of Grace’s favourite recipes that she learned from Thermomix® Italy when she first started Thermomix® in Australia! 


If you’re looking for something a little heartier, use your vegetable stock paste as a base for a soul-warming soup or stew!


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