Top-to-bottom spring clean tips and cheats

1. Reach right to the top, without overreaching.

Attaching the suction hose and lightweight Telescopic Tube to your Kobold Cordless Vacuum makes it easy to reach high places without stretching, and you can use it with any of the other nozzle attachments in the Above Floor Cleaning Set to clean: 


  • Cornices, beams and ceiling roses with the Variable nozzle 
  • Air conditioning units, ceiling fans, skylights, extractor fans and vents rails with the Variable nozzle 
  • Walls with the Flexo nozzle 
  • Pelmets with the Flexo nozzle 
  • Window frames and curtain rails with the Variable nozzle 
  • Shutters and blinds with the Variable nozzle 
  • Tops of cupboards, shelves, with the Variable nozzle 
  • Bookcase and display shelves with the Soft Nozzle 
  • Lamps and light fittings with the Soft Nozzle 

2. Easily get into all the pain-in-the-neck nooks.

With the suction hose and Long Crevice Nozzle attached to your Kobold Cordless Vacuum, you can easily reach right down low and into the tightest spaces and crevices to clean without stretching and straining:


  • Skirtings and nooks, like behind the toilet and around the fireplace 
  • Sliding door tracks 
  • The bottoms of indoor bins and laundry baskets 
  • Under heavy furniture and fixed cabinets 

3. Lift dust where a lighter touch is needed.

For all those smaller spaces and delicate pieces, attach the Soft Brush and adjust the bristles to the length you need to sweep and gently remove dust from:


  • On, around and behind the TV 
  • On, around and behind lamps and ornaments 
  • Tops and frames of pictures 
  • Spines, tops and between books on shelves 
  • Around and behind plant pots and vases 
  • Between the keys on your keyboard and laptop 
  • Other electronics like printers 

4. Go smarter, not harder, on soft furnishings.

Remove and wash cushion covers, throws, sofa covers and dog bedding, then attach the suction hose and Upholstery Brush to your Kobold Cordless Vacuum. The counter-rotating brushes loosen stubborn dirt, dust, lint and pet hairs from all soft-furnishings


  • Chairs and sofas  
  • Car seats 
  • Office chairs 
  • Dog beds 
  • Outdoor furniture


TIP: Switch to the smaller, nimble Flexo Nozzle for cleaning smaller surfaces, seams and crevices, like car interiors, between cushions and down the back of the couch. 

5. Give your beds the dream mattress clean.

Remove and wash all bedding, blankets, throws and mattress protectors then, using the mattress attachments (found in the Mattress and Upholstery Set) and Lavenia Powder, give all your mattresses a hygienic deep and thorough clean, removing all microparticles and allergens and leaving nothing but a fresh, clean smell.

6. Vacuum and mop all floors in one sweep.

First use the vacuum head to give your carpets a thorough vacuum, then swap to the 2-in-1 Mop Attachment to seamlessly vacuum and mop your wooden and hard floors, all in one go. Switch up to the higher power settings in dirtier areas like kitchens. It's powerful cleaning, in half the time. 

Don’t forget all those places you might skip on a routine clean. Pull out and clean under your:


  • Beds, bedside tables, ottomans and drawers 
  • Fridge and dishwasher 
  • Washing machine and drier 
  • Couches, chairs, cabinets and tables 

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