Complaints Handling

If you haven't received the service you expected from us or, are dissatisfied with a product, you can lodge a complaint. Contacting us to request support or to report a service issue is not necessarily a complaint. We are committed to ensuring that your complaint is handled fairly and efficiently.

Lodging a complaint

Fill out the form below to submit an online complaint.

Customer Service Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm, except public holidays.

Phone: 0800 766 966

Online: Fill out the form below

We aim to respond to you within 5 business days. When lodging your complaint, please provide your current contact information. If we are unable to contact you using the details you provide or if you don’t respond to communication from us within 10 business days, your complaint will be marked on file as "resolved".

Urgent Complaints/Incidents

An urgent complaint relates to a product safety concern or injuries sustained when using our products. We aim to respond to urgent complaints within 4 business hours on the day of receipt, or on the next business day if you lodge a complaint outside the operating hours of our Customer Service Team.

Resolving your complaint

We may require you to provide such further information as is necessary to enable us to fully assess your complaint.

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