Christy Tania's 20th Anniversary Show Stopper Dessert

We're celebrating Thermomix Australia's 20th Anniversary with Christy Tania's Show Stopper Dessert. Learn from Christy herself on how you can make it at home.

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Assembling this masterpiece

Christy's 20th Anniversary Show Stopper Dessert is a masterpiece made to 'wow'. Watch Christy guide you through how to assemble the recipe, so you can make it for yourself and get rave reviews at your next party. Creating the individual elements of this masterpiece with Thermomix is as simple as pressing 'next' and then Christy will show you how to do the rest.

Christy's Thermomix story

My first experience of Thermomix was when I was approached by a Thermomix Team Leader in 2014 or 2015 to do a choux pastry class for her team of Consultants. At the time, I didn’t have a Thermomix and didn’t have much of an idea of how it worked. But I said yes because I had heard of the brand and was curious. I’d always thought of it more for savoury as opposed to sweet. But knowing its functionality – and we are talking about the TM31 back then – I thought that, by principal, choux pastry should work in Thermomix. So, I said I’d do it.

I’d been travelling up to the day before the class, so I only arrived 5 hours before it was set to begin. I got there, looked at the Thermomix and said “Ok, show me what you can do!” And I was so surprised because it was totally amazing – way more than I imagined. I didn’t know Grace (the founder of Thermomix in Australia and New Zealand) was there – I didn’t know who was there but I was so amazed I couldn’t stop talking about ‘him’ (I gave him a name, ‘Harry’). They kept saying “you don’t have to sell us a Thermomix, we’re Consultants!” but I couldn’t stop raving because I’d only know him for 5 hours and it was incredible. Grace came up to me at the end of the presentation and said, ‘You don’t have a Thermomix. We’re going to change that!’ That was my TM31 – and that guy is still with me, working every day in my kitchen. I also now have a TM5 and TM6. I use Thermomix for everything – chocolate sculpture (modelling chocolate) straight from chocolate, without any fillers like corn syrup, for ganache, crème anglaise, sorbet and ice cream from start to finish, almond meals. Quite basically, everything.

Prep your pastry chef station

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