Your Christmas menu wrapped up

Plan ahead and get prepared for the festive season this year with our Christmas menu recipes, as well as tips and tricks for a calm and collected Christmas feast! Discover Christmas dishes for dinner, lunch, desserts and more.
Your Christmas menu wrapped up

In charge of Christmas breakfast or lunch this year? Get ahead with our sample menus, along with some tips and tricks that will transform you into one cool, calm, and collected cook! Enjoy more Christmas this Christmas, outside the kitchen and with your loved ones.


The breakfast club: Christmas edition

No one wants to be stuck slaving over a hot stove or flipping pancakes while the rest of the family unwraps presents or watches Christmas movies in their PJs. Enter Thermomix and this easy breakfast menu with special recipe options, that give you more time back for where it counts.

Pick a drink and a main (or both a sweet and savoury option) to fuel you and your family for the day ahead.



Sunrise margarita
  • Sunrise margarita – A fruity, refreshing, non-alcoholic sip the whole family can enjoy.
  • Mocha-iced coffee – For a fancy coffee fix, whip up this recipe in mere minutes.
  • Peach Bellini – If you’re in the mood for a breakfast Bellini, why not whip up this cocktail? Christmas is a celebration after all!

Something sweet

Christmas stollen


Something savoury



How do you like your eggs? If you’re looking for a light, simple breakfast Thermomix TM6 Egg Mode is the solution. Simply add water and your eggs to the Thermomix bowl, set your mode (soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard or hard) and your perfect egg will be made practically hands-free.


A long Christmas lunch (or dinner)

A long, lazy meal with good food, good drink and good company is what Christmas is all about. This is our sample family-style menu, with crowd-pleasing recipe options that are quick or make-ahead friendly. Pick a few or make them all, the choice is yours (and easy with Thermomix)!


A signature drink

Gin & tonic cocktail

These festive drinks are made in a flash:


To start

Steamed prawns and scallops

The perfect nibble to keep your guests satisfied until the main event.


Sides & salads

Tomato salad recipe


The main event

Pork loin recipe

  • Turkey roulade with peaches and apricots – Let Thermomix do the hard graft for you with this recipe. It’s the perfect festive main and can be served warm or as part of a cold meat platter.
  • Honey and herb pork loin – Another dish that can be served warm or cold, making it a great make-ahead option. This one only requires 10 minutes of active prep time and dishes up 8 portions.
  • Duck ballotine - Wow guests with this restaurant quality dish, that will only take you 15 minutes of active prep time. Make it with the help of the Thermomix® Sensor digital food thermometer for perfect results. 


Something to finish

DIY chocolate truffles

  • Gluten free mince pies – Finish your meal with a tea and one of these fruity mince pies, which can be made in advance.
  • Candy cane ice creams – Another make-ahead hero, this delicious festive treat is perfect for a hot Christmas day.
  • DIY chocolate truffles – Simply prep the ingredients with the help of your Thermomix and let your guests make their own dessert!