Why Thermomix always earns its place on every big road trip.

Why Thermomix always earns its place on every big road trip.

Tales and top tips from our travelling Consultants

We are Julie-Ann and Graeme, and we’ve been travelling around Australia on the adventure of a lifetime with our Thermomix and Coco (the cat) since April 2019.

We did a huge re-evaluation of our lives and decided to take the leap, leave our jobs, sell everything that didn’t fit in our van, and run away to live a simpler life and enjoy ourselves.

For us, having my Thermomix onboard was a no-brainer. And here are some travel tips we’ve picked up along the way.

Tip #1 Save on space.
Of course, managing space and weight are major factors to consider for any road trip, and from our experience our best advice is to make sure everything you pack has more than one use. Your Thermomix fits that brief perfectly.

"Make sure everything you pack has more than one use. Your Thermomix fits that brief perfectly."

It’s amazingly versatile - 20 kitchen appliances in one. And at less than half a square metre, it sits neatly in its carry bag under the foot of our bed, so it’s handy to pull out onto the bench and whip something up, but out of the way when we need the space.

Tip #2 Save on power usage.
Your Thermomix will be one of the least power-hungry appliances onboard. And if you ‘free camp’, a 2000w inverter will have you sorted and cooking up a storm. Gas cookers aren’t always great on a windy day, but your Thermomix is good to go in any weather.

Tip #3 Save time. Create your playlist.
You don’t go on an adventure to be stuck in the kitchen all day. So being able to cook quick and easy meals is the key to enjoying yourself. Load up your Cookidoo with a ‘camping’ playlist and shop before you leave. Get the family to pick a recipe to cook while you’re away too, so you get a night off.

And use the TM6 ‘Pre clean’ mode for a quick and easy cleanup, the dishwasher is the only thing I miss from our old life!

Tip #4 Make your travel budget go further
The key to making your budget last on longer adventures is to make as much as you can from scratch. Yes, your fridge and pantry space is limited, but you can make smaller quantities to store:

• MYO mayo and happy hour dips – our fave is the Caramelised red onion chutney.
• Bake a batch of biscuits to keep 12 fresh in a container and pop another dozen in the freezer.
• Do the same with pizza bases, make more to freeze for later.
• Whip up a quick frittata with whatever’s left in the fridge.
• Use the TM6 ‘boiled egg’ mode, then keep your eggs in the fridge for quick lunches on the road.
• Vacuum seal as much as you can for the freezer – steak with herbs and butter cooked with the sous vide mode is the best!

We also discovered we’re not the only ones out there on the road with our Thermomix. There are many more Consultants and ex-Consultants who’ve got some great tips to share from their own travels too.

Let’s meet a few...

Shana’s tip: Make some basics at home to take with you

I like to create a bit of a menu plan on Cookidoo a few days before we leave, and make sure I’ve got all my pantry basics like milled flour, spices and herbs ready to go, so I don’t have to buy them while we’re away. I also pre-make tandoori paste because we love curries, as well as pizza dough and sauce for freezing. And we always try to have a meal pre-made for our first night, so we can just rock up, heat up and chill out.


Lisa’s tip: Enjoy your fave homemade treats

I love making a smoothie in the mornings, and having my Thermomix in the van means I don’t have to go without when we’re camping in the bush, make do with something store bought, or blow my travel budget at a smoothie bar. It’s all fresh and creamy, just the way I like it, and done in seconds. I even did a demo in the middle of a country music festival and they loved the Fruity Dream as the day was so hot! Being able to whip up these treats on a whim is the best.


Debbie’s tip: Keep your healthy diet on track

Seven years ago, my hubby was diagnosed with a heart condition and advised to go back to basic ‘real food’ and cook from scratch with preservative and additive-free wholefoods. My cooking skills were less than average, and I was feeling anxious about the challenge until we got Thelma, our Thermomix.  She made it all so easy and is a big part of our success story. 


And now, as we plan to get back on the road and travel, Thelma (our TM5) and Louise (our new TM6) are coming along for the ride. Not just to keep us on track with our healthy diet plan, but to share our story and healthy Thermomix cooking demos with others too.