Latest Thermomix® TM6 updates in 2022 - what to expect

Thermomix® is always evolving to make your cooking experience easier and safer. In 2022, a tonne of new Thermomix® TM6 updates rolled out, including improved recipes and cleaning modes, security features and more!
Latest Thermomix® TM6 updates in 2022 - what to expect

Thermomix® TM6 updates rolled out throughout 2022 and are designed to make your life in the kitchen even easier. Whether you’re creating your own recipes, following along with our guided cooking, or simply looking for extra security – our latest updates have just the trick.

What’s new?

Updates November 2022

For those short on time: Speedy pre-cleaning

Love how the TM6 cleans itself? This function just got a whole lot sweeter, as you will now find a brand new “Short” option on the “Pre-clean” mode! Choosing this option will allow your machine to pre-clean itself for approximately 2 minutes, enabling you to then finish off the cleaning process quickly and efficiently.

This is perfect to use when you want to easily remove thick, or sticky food that may be stuck at the bottom of the mixing bowl.

Updates June 2022

For the parents: Security/child lock feature 

This new safety feature on your TM6 will allow you to set up your own unique security PIN number, to protect your machine from unauthorised use. This means you can finally leave your Thermomix® out without worrying about your curious kids playing around with the device!  

Much like the pin on your phone, you can simply set up a 4-digit pin number on your TM6, which you’ll be prompted to enter upon starting up your machine.


For the recipe-creators: new tabs available 

Now, in the Created Recipes section on your TM6, you now have the ability to switch between the Manual Settings and Modes! This means you can log your recipes with ease and add in the specific Modes used.

It’s time to create your favourite Cookidoo® recipes again and again!




Clearer text on Modes screen 

The information shown on each of the Modes are now larger and scrollable, making the text more legible and easier to follow.





Recipe details & nutritional information 

Following recipes is now easier with all details on the TM6 consistent with the way recipes are presented on Cookidoo®. All recipes with missing dietary and nutritional information have now been updated and presented directly on your Thermomix®. This way, you can get all the information you need for creating delicious, healthy dishes, straight from your TM6!


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