A guide to your Thermomix® TM6 accessories

This guide will help you navigate your essential Thermomix® TM6 accessories and parts. Learn how to use each TM6 accessory and take your cooking game to the next level.
A guide to your Thermomix® TM6 accessories

Feeling a little confused about which Thermomix® accessory to use when? Follow our simple guide below to learn which Thermomix® accessory to use when cooking different recipes. It might also be a fantastic time to book in a Cooking Demo with your Consultant to refresh your skills and learn how to get the most from your Thermomix®. And remember, if you’re following guided cooking on the screen on your Thermomix®, your appliance is smart and will tell you what accessory to use when.

Blade Cover and Peeler 

This Thermomix® accessory doesn’t come in the box, but is a fantastic addition to help you effortlessly scrub and peel your potatoes and root vegetables. The Blade Cover, when on reverse speed, also protects food during slow cooking and sous-vide cooking.

Simmering Basket 

Use your simmering basket in the mixing bowl to cook rice, potatoes and meat, like in the Chunky Bolognese recipe. Place your simmering basket on top of the mixing bowl lid (instead of the measuring cup) when using the Rice Cooker mode or cooking at temperatures above 95°C.

Measuring Cup 

Place the TM6 measuring cup on the mixing bowl lid when chopping, mixing, blending and cooking below 95°C. The new material of the TM6 measuring cup reduces noise when mixing at high speeds and thanks to its interior markings, it’s very convenient for measuring liquids too.


Place on top of the mixing bowl lid when directed in recipes using the TM6 exclusive High Temperature mode or Sugarworks recipes.


‘Varoma®’ is a term coined exclusively by Thermomix® to describe our tool for cooking food in ‘vapor’ combined with ‘aroma.’ Use your Varoma® to maximise your cooking in the mixing bowl. Steam protein, veggies, cous cous and more while cooking in the mixing bowl at Varoma® temperature. Place onto the mixing bowl lid when cooking jams, soups and casseroles above 100°C.