Trade up and unlock your full potential in the kitchen with a Thermomix® TM6

Disclaimer: Jess is our Manager - Content working in the marketing team. She's owned a Thermomix® TM31 for 12 years and worked here for 11 of those. Here's her story. 
Trade up and unlock your full potential in the kitchen with a Thermomix® TM6

It was love at first sight (and first bite) when I purchased a Thermomix® TM31 almost 12 years ago.

When the TM6 was released I was tempted to upgrade. I’m an adventurous cook who loved the idea of higher temperatures and new features like slow cooking and sous vide. But I couldn’t envisage a world where the TM31 wasn’t on my bench, so I resisted.

Then COVID happened.

As we went into lockdown, I took a Thermomix® TM6 home to film content for our community.

I’ll keep both on the bench, using the TM6 for content and my TM31 for cooking, I thought.

Over the days and weeks that followed I found that more and more I was reaching for the TM6. And slowly the TM31 was moved to the back of the bench, then tucked away in the cupboard, and now it lives in a box in the attic, replaced by the shiny new TM6 I purchased once lockdown ended and it was time to give the loaner back.

So how did that happen? Let me tell you.


Taking flavours to new levels with higher temperatures

This is where I need to apologise to you. For years I told you, and many of my friends and family, that you didn’t need high heat to achieve maximum flavour in the Thermomix®. And I truly believed that to be true. But sautéing onions, browning meat and making caramel has now become an integral part of my everyday cooking. And I love that I don’t need to stand next to the stove and watch it the whole time.

Onions cooked for the same time in the TM31 vs TM6


Hello new recipes and guided cooking.

Cookidoo®, our Thermomix® recipe platform, is not exclusive to the TM6 (customers with any model can access it), but with the TM6 you can access it directly on the TM6 screen.

I thought I didn’t need guided cooking. I was a confident cook and liked to freestyle with recipes. This is still true, but when I started to use guided cooking I found myself cooking recipes that I would have put in the too hard basket.

For example, I love baking, but I hate the process of reading and following a recipe. Too slow! But with step-by-step instructions and pre-set scales, it takes the thinking out of baking and allows me to enjoy the process – and most importantly the delicious results of my labour.

There’s no question that Cookidoo® has encouraged me to cook new recipes and expand my recipe repertoire, helping me to fall in love with Thermomix® all over again.


Meal planning that saves time and money

I’ve tried for years to meal plan but it always felt a bit too hard. Until Cookidoo®. Having one platform that contains thousands of Thermomix® recipes and allows you to meal plan, generate a shopping list and even shop online has been a game changer. I’ve now embedded a practice of meal planning each week which has helped me to save money, save time and dramatically cut down on the amount of food waste that I throw out each week.

Curious to know how I meal plan with Cookidoo®? Watch my video tutorial below.


Speed up with smart cooking modes

As a working mum with a toddler it’s the everyday moments that matter most. Like the pre-clean mode. I know. I can hear you telling me that your TM31 already cleans itself. Of course it does! It also can boil eggs, cook rice and make silky smooth bechamel and custard. But with the pre-set cooking modes on the TM6 it does it faster and with less thinking and effort on my part. Just what I need when I have a toddler asking for ‘mummy drawing?’.

I select the mode and press the dial to start and the clever TM6 settings will calculate the cooking time for you. And its those little moments that add up to bigger moments that I can spend drawing with my daughter.


Relinquishing my status at the Thermomix® expert!

My husband jokes that when he married me he also married the Thermomix®. But to him the TM31 was a mystery machine he only used to make smoothies and boiled rice. I’d watch him cook meals and bite my tongue thinking ‘that would be so much quicker in the Thermomix®’.

The TM6 is so intuitive and easy to use that he’s able to search for and cook recipes without instruction. Something he never did with the TM31.

My experience has been echoed in the feedback we’ve heard from thousands of customers who have traded up to the TM6 and found that their partners and teenage or adult children have got involved in cooking with the TM6. It’s a testament to how easy and intuitive the TM6 is to use.

Our Trade Up offer is running until the 27th March 2024. If you’re interested to find out more, contact your Consultant or click here.