Thermomix® brings financial freedom and a business that fits around three kids

Thermomix® brings financial freedom and a business that fits around three kids

Thermomix® has been a game-changer in and beyond the kitchen for busy young mum of three, Kia Gorham. Her transition from Thermomix® fan to Consultant to Team Leader began with a simple mission to seek some adult conversation and grew into a successful business that’s blessed her with new friendships and her family with financial freedom. 

“As a stay-at-home mum with a FIFO husband, I craved adult connection and conversation. I really didn’t think it was possible for me to start training and building my own Thermomix® business while the kids were little,” says Kia. “But because there’s so much support, and it’s super flexible, I’ve taken it at my own pace and been amazed by what I’ve achieved. The business side of Thermomix® is even more amazing than the appliance.” 

An extra helping hand taking the best care of her little ones

Thermomix® became an obsession for Kia after a friend invited her to a cooking demo in 2011.

“At that time, I had a toddler and a newborn and was putting a lot of effort into cooking to avoid additives and preservatives that could lead to behavioural issues. Throughout the whole six-course demo, I had my jaw on the floor. I was determined to get this amazing appliance and said to my husband, ‘What price can you put on the kid’s health?’ By Christmas, I’d got my wish and it was the best investment we ever made.” 

With three Thermomixes now on her kitchen bench, cooking additive-free has become the norm in Kia’s house. 

“What I’ve really come to appreciate now we’re a family of five is how easy it makes my life – especially while Ben’s away a lot working FIFO and I’m running my business too. I’m blown away by the things I can cook, even in a sleep-deprived state! And my older kids have now started helping in the kitchen and learning with Cookidoo guided cooking.” 

Reaching out and making life better for more families

Kia quickly became a raving fan, and friends were telling her, ‘You need to sell these things. You’re selling them to half the suburb already!’ So when the TM5 was released, Kia signed up, and in her first 60 days as a Thermomix® Consultant she helped 18 more mums and neighbours discover the ease of cooking healthier more affordable meals and treats for their families.

“That’s what fills my cup and drives me to keep doing this. It’s 100% about building relationships and making lives better,” adds Kia.

Finding connections, confidence and courage 

“I’m a self-doubter and this experience has given me belief in myself and the courage to be more open to try things and take more opportunities to grow professionally.

“I’ll admit there were a few times in the first few days when I thought I wasn’t capable or confident enough, but with support, encouragement and recognition from my network of Consultants and Team Leaders they really helped me set my goals and reach them. Those relationships and connections have been the biggest help.

“It’s grown my personal network too. There are plenty of Consultants who I’d want to stay in touch with, just as friends, even if we weren’t doing Thermomix® together.”

Finding connection, financial freedom and purpose

When Covid hit and restrictions stopped in-home demos, Kia was determined to stay connected with her community and started sharing cooking videos via her Thermo Kia Facebook page.

“I think I sold about 120 machines in eight months. That wiped all our debts, leaving us with just the mortgage. And now we’ve bought our forever home, which we couldn’t have achieved on just one wage,” says Kia.

Today, as a Team Leader, her proudest moments come from when she sees others succeed. “I’m very honoured to support my team of 22 Thermomix Consultants in helping them develop their businesses too.”

And for any Thermomix® lover thinking of becoming a Consultant, Kia’s advice is, “Stop thinking about it and just do it. My only regret is not doing it sooner!”

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