Pop it like it’s hot! Summer popsicle recipes

Frozen treats are one of the best bits of summer and with our silicone popsicle moulds it’s never been easier to make your own sweet treats at home.
Pop it like it’s hot! Summer popsicle recipes

A quick and easy way to fill up your silicone popiscle or icy pole moulds is with our fruit sorbet or fruity dream recipe, but if you’re looking to get a little bit more adventurous, channel your inner snowflake and check out our uber cool ideas below.


Popsicles for breakfast? Yes please!

Mum, can we have ice cream for breakfast? Well, why not? Especially when it’s made from wholesome ingredients like yoghurt, berries and almond milk. Click here to get our recipe for Frozen Breakfast Yoghurt Pops which is also available at Cookidoo.com.au in our Low(er) GI collection.

You might also like to try our Watermelon and Chia Yoghurt Pops and Banana Coconut Ice Blocks.

Ice cold, refreshing and portable – what more could you want?


Adults only alco-pops.

Why should kids have all the fun? Put a spin on your favourite summer dessert by turning them into a poptail! We took Dani Valent’s much loved Mango, Coconut and Lychee Icy Poles from her cookbook Entertaining with Dani Valent and added a dash of coconut rum to the coconut ice cream for a little extra kick. Get the recipe here.

Handy tip: For your pops to freeze solid, you’ll need to keep the alcohol content quite low, so don’t be too heavy handed with your pouring. Oh and remember to label your popsicles clearly in the freezer so the little ones and the grown-ups don’t get the wrong pop!

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