Pour yourself a cheeky wine, your summer party prep's done in no time

Make more time for good times this summer.
Pour yourself a cheeky wine, your summer party prep's done in no time

The balmy evenings are making a comeback and we're all looking forward to some summer entertaining fun. But where's the fun in spending a whole day cleaning and prepping, the whole night in the kitchen cooking, and the morning after tidying up? Here's our ultimate guide to making more time for the good times. 

80% pre-prepped is the magic number

It’s not cheating. It’s just being smart. When cooking for a crowd, aim for 80% pre-prepared and 20% made on the night. Any simple dish made a day in advance that develops the richest flavours overnight is a winner. Think light curries, slow cooked meats or spicy baked dishes like enchiladas that just need to be reheated. Serve with some fresh salads to keep it light and summery.


Halve the scurryfunge with the 2-in-1 vacuum mop

We all scurryfunge, right? In other words, we frantically clean the house before guests arrive. And the biggest scurry of all is running around twice with the vacuum and then again with the mop. But you’ll halve that time with Kobold’s 2-in-1 vacuum mop. And if your guests leave you with more floor cleaning, you can quickly whip round those high foot traffic areas and put your feet up.

Watch the vacuum mop scurry!

Make time for a cheeky pre-party wine

So, your Kobold’s got the cleaning done in half the time, and your Thermomix® is making the food prep easier than ever, but we’ve pulled out some more party tricks to share that’ll give you plenty of time before guests arrive to pour yourself a cheeky glass of wine and drink it too. 

Relax on the couch with the party leftovers

Before you can truly unwind, you’ll want to clean up those unappealing party leftovers on your couch, like hairs, lint and especially crumbs hidden in those crevices between the cushions. Thankfully, our upholstery brush turns those ‘eew’ moments into ‘aha’ moments – the Bristle Plate even has a clever tip to reach into the dark places you’d rather not have to touch.

The easy route to partying on the road

If you’re taking the party on the road and heading off for a family vacay in the van, be sure to pack the Kobold Mini Vac. This powerful yet compact and lightweight travel companion is by far the quickest and easiest way to keep your home away from home clean and free of crumbs that bring uninvited pesky guests into your camp.