More Merry, Less Hassle: 6 ways to deal with the holiday mental load

More Merry, Less Hassle: 6 ways to deal with the holiday mental load

Christmas is a magical time of the year no doubt. But it's also a really busy one. If you find yourself spending more of November and December making endless mental lists of all the things that need to be done... you're not alone!

The gift buying. The food prep. The cards to write. The decorating. The wrapping. The packing (if you're heading away this year). The catch ups to see extended family and friends. 

'Tis the season for joy, not stress! Embrace the magic of Christmas without drowning in mental load. Remember, it's okay to simplify. From gift-giving to festive feasts, let's make this season merrier with less hustle and more fun.

Here are our tips for a stress-free and joyful holiday season!

Get organised

Find a Friday night, get a pen, some paper, some snacks and a glass of wine. You’re in for a good time.

It’s time to write a list. Presents to buy, events to go to, the food you need to prepare, etc - it's incredible how much time and brain space you save when you write it down on paper.


So much of the mental load in the family falls onto one person, and if you’re reading this blog, chances are it’s you! If you’re fortunate enough to have a partner, some older children, or another significant figure in your life to delegate out to… please do it!

It takes time to lighten the mental load but just minutes to delegate the physical one. And by getting everyone involved they’ll be more likely to pick up some of the mental load next year.

Work smarter, not harder

With the help of your trusty Thermomix® by your side, you'll breeze through Christmas food preparation like a superstar. Thermomix® allows you to spend less time slaving away in the kitchen and more time making memories with loved ones. The easy-peasy interface walks you

through recipes step by step. So, go ahead, tackle that ambitious gingerbread house project without breaking a sweat. The Thermomix® has got your back, and it's always up for a cooking adventure. Visit our blog on Make-ahead Christmas recipes for some clever make-ahead tricks and recipes ideas.

Keep the Christ-mess to a minimum

We all scurryfunge, right? In other words, we frantically clean the house before guests arrive. And the biggest scurry of all is running around twice with the vacuum and then again with the mop. But you’ll halve that time with Kobold’s 2-in-1 vacuum mop. And if your guests leave you with more floor cleaning, you can quickly whip round those high foot traffic areas and put your feet up.

Stick with traditions

When it comes to Christmas, the magic is kind of built into the day, and the traditions that come with it. Having a few (note… we said a few!) simple traditions can help ease the mental load by having some go-tos.

It’s fun to try new recipes, but leaning on a go-to signature dish is an easy way to cut down on the stress. And your family will look forward to it every year. You can discover your new signature dish on our Christmas recipe page. Pick one or two simple activities that bring you joy at Christmas and repeat every year. It could be a game of backyard cricket or a trip to visit the Christmas lights.

Skip the stuff that stresses you out

One of our favourite holiday hacks is to stop trying to do it all! Seriously, it’s OK if you don’t decorate gingerbread houses with your kids or bake Pinterest-worthy Christmas cookies and hand deliver them to all of your neighbours.

And yes, you’re still a good parent if you don’t bust out the Elf on The Shelf this year. Let go of the guilt and give yourself permission to just enjoy the holidays without all the social media pressure.

As we wrap up our guide to a More Merry, Less Hassle holiday season, remember that the magic of Christmas lies in joy, not stress. By embracing simplicity and implementing our practical tips, you're on your way to a stress-free and joyful celebration. So, get organised, delegate the load, work smarter with your trusty Thermomix®, minimise the Christ-mess with Kobold's 2-in-1 vacuum mop, stick to cherished traditions, and most importantly, skip the stuff that stresses you out.

Here's to a Christmas filled with warmth, laughter, and the joy of making lasting memories with loved ones!