Shopping in season is your superpower

Spring has sprung and we're here to provide you the best Spring-inspired recipes to take advantage of all the seasonal fruit and vegetables! From leeks to rhubarb, discover delicious recipes and tips to shop seasonally.
Shopping in season is your superpower

Ah, as the days get longer and sunnier, it's the perfect time to switch up our meals and go for something fresh and vibrant to awaken our taste buds after all those hearty winter dishes. Plus, eating seasonal fruit and vegetables is a great way to be eco-friendly and enjoy the best quality ingredients!

Here’s some recipe inspiration using what’s in season during spring, that will take you from mid-week meals and dinner parties, to backyard barbecues and outdoor picnics.



Anyone else get so excited when the price of berries starts to drop in Spring? This season is set to be a bumper berry bonanza! So, make the most of your strawberry stash with these recipes.



Asparagus often doesn't get the credit it deserves in salads. But trust us, the Asparagus and Pea Salad featured in this recipe is a true hidden gem, and so is the Asparagus and Broad Bean Salad. These dishes will pleasantly surprise your taste buds! 


Navel Oranges

Not only are they super sweet, juicy and vibrant in colour, they’re also incredibly versatile! Before they disappear in the summer months, why not use them for a sweet baked treat or even add a zesty twist to your salad?



It’s got a beautiful colour and tartness that make it a great for sweet and savoury dishes. If you find yourself reaching for that rhubarb on special this spring but aren’t quite sure where to start, we’ve got you covered for something sweet and savoury! Plus, a spring refresher for a delightfully fizzy cocktail! 



The humble leek has a sweet, oniony flavour that adds depth to your spring soups, salads and pies. Perfect for a simple weekend lunch, picnic or spring evening, these recipes are a must-try. 


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