Seasonal savings to celebrate: cooking with winter ingredients

Seasonal savings to celebrate: cooking with winter ingredients

Sure, the summer sunshine is nice, but there’s so much to discover with winter’s delicious and inspiring produce. And most importantly, you’ll discover what we like to call the AAA’s of cooking – available, affordable and abundant. We’ll show you some easy ways to save using your beloved Thermomix, and you’ll get to explore which fruits and veggies are trending and in season right now.

Tip: you can search seasonal ingredients in Cookidoo by typing them into the search bar.


Nothing like a hearty, warm pumpkin soup on a crisp autumn evening, but there’s just so much more you can create with this classic veggie. Pumpkin Pie Porridge is just as nutritious as it is delicious, and it’ll be that quick fix brekkie you need in the morning before a big day.



Or for dinner you could be wining and dining with a Chicken, bacon, pumpkin and spinach risotto, that’ll warm you right up. Stay in and enjoy whilst watching your favourite TV show.




The cover image of one of our best-selling cookbooks, and for good reason! These Cauliflower Tacos with Chipotle Sauce from Plant to Plate are an absolute crowd pleaser and the best part is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make these wrapped pockets of joy.

Or if you’re thinking of making something completely different, try this Cauliflower fried rice from our Recipe Community – it’s a flavour rollercoaster!



It’s “fennevitable” that you’ll come across some delicious recipes to cook! It’s great for the heart and for your bone health, and most importantly it makes for a fantastic ingredient in so many dishes. We’ve chosen some of our highlights! Featuring in Vegetarian Kitchen, the Fennel, date and nut bread ticks all of our boxes. You only have to actively cook for 25 minutes, so you’ll have time to spare for more important things! It’s always better to make wholesome food from scratch so you can avoid the store bought stuff.


Dani Valent’s incredible Double trouble fennel and tomato chutney recipe will go with just about anything – sausages, sandwiches (especially toasties), spinach pies and cheese platters. This is a great one to bottle up or to have straight away!



The “M” in “Yum” is for mushrooms, let’s face it! And if you can’t get enough of them, then why not try the Mushroom-stuffed mushrooms. It’s a simple and affordable recipe that all of you fanatics out there will adore!


Or we could take it right back to the basics and make a Beef, carrot and mushroom casserole. Perfect for chilly autumn evenings to warm the heart, soul and body!