Savvy savings when you stay in

As the cost of living rises, we're here to help with the best tips and recipes for staying in! Save money whilst still enjoying restaurant-quality meals at home with our brunch ideas, fake-away meals, and cocktail recipes!
Savvy savings when you stay in

Feeling the increase in the cost of living? We all are! Whether it’s a spike in petrol costs, a high electricity bill or the price of lettuce at the grocery store, things just cost more at the moment.

The good news is, that with Thermomix® and TheMix Shop on hand, you can bring life’s luxuries home and save with supermarket bargain hunts, making sure you get the most out of your groceries and eating in with hearty, restaurant-quality meals.

Read on for our savvy saving tips.


Make “fake-away” the new take-away

Create all the take-away and restaurant dishes you love at a fraction of the price with Thermomix®. You'll be whipping it up quicker than waiting for delivery too! Curry night? Yes, please! Enjoy this Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry in just 30 minutes for only $2.70 per serve*. Italian? Bring those beautiful Mediterranean flavours to your kitchen with this Vegetable lasagne at only $1.37 per serve*!

Find more great recipe inspiration with brilliant savings in our Winter Savings Guides – download yours here.

Coconut creamy curry


The steaks have never been higher!

With the cost of meat on the rise, opting for cheaper cuts is a great strategy, but this doesn’t mean you sacrifice on flavour. In fact, it’s the opposite! Harder working cuts like shoulder and neck cuts are beautifully deep in flavour and tender when slow cooked. Use TM6 Slow cooking mode to create sumptuous meals all the family will love. Try pork shoulder in this Pulled Pork Burger.

Another great tip is to mince your own meat in Thermomix®. Yes, it’s so easy to do and gives you 100% control over what goes into your mince! Buy cheaper cuts, like chuck steak, then use Turbo mode to mince from slightly frozen. Find the recipe here on Cookidoo® and then use your mince in whatever recipes most take your fancy. We’re loving Meatballs in tomato sauce at the moment!

Minced meat


Go “flexitarian” and opt for Meatfree Mondays!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, opting for seasonal produce is the best way to save money on groceries (you can read more on eating with the seasons here) and eating more plants is both great for your health and the planet. A “Flexitarian” approach to eating means you eat everything you’d like to, choosing meat less and plants more.

Trial swapping out meat for seasonal veg a few times a week. Take advantage of the abundance of pumpkins currently in season with a Pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni or swap beef for mushrooms in this Mushroom bolognaise. For more veggie inspiration, check out the Plant to Plate collection on Cookidoo®.

Mushroom bolognaise


Who loves a café brunch?

It’s a Kiwi institution for a reason. We all love our café breakfasts and with Thermomix® TM6, you can create that authentic café dishes at home. Enjoy perfect poached eggs every time with a Blade Cover and Peeler and hollandaise sauce that can’t be matched with TM6 Thicken mode. These beautiful recipes and more are featured in our newly released TM6 Modes & Accessories Demo, with a café-style breakfast theme. Invite your friends for brunch and one of our expert Consultants show you how to create these dishes and more using TM6. (Yes, you get to share the delicious food afterwards too).

Contact your Consultant to book in or find out more and book your Demo here.

Poached egg and hollandaise sauce


Mix it, shake it, stir it. Cocktails and mocktails!

It wouldn’t be a weekend treat without enjoying a cocktail and it’s easy to mix your own in Thermomix®, whilst saving the pennies too! You’ll find all your favourite cocktail recipes on Cookidoo® and it’s easy to get creative with flavours you love.

If you’re opting for Dry July this month, join the party with some yummy mocktails. Here are three of our favourites to try:

Coconut lime spritzer



The options (and savings) are endless with just so much deliciousness at your fingertips with Thermomix®. Get to know Thermomix® TM6 and find out how you can buy your own here.


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*Price per serve are current at time of writing and excludes common pantry items.