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Same same, but different

Same same, but different

The Thermomix TM6 is constantly improving and getting better with age, with regular software updates delivered straight to the appliance. With the latest update (2.4) rolling out on 4 May 2021, a few improvements are being made and you may notice some screens have had a facelift to make it even easier for you.


Excitingly, you might also find that with the update, scrolling through Cookidoo on screen is faster, and it'll have a faster boot-up time as well.



Looking for all your modes (all 13 of them to be exact)? On the modes screen, simply scroll down to access the modes instead of swiping right on the screen. We’ve changed this for ease of use and to accommodate the growing number of modes.



You might also notice that your favourite Pre-Clean and Egg Boiler modes are now more user-friendly, making it easier for you to select the option that’s right for you.





Additional Keyboards are also available if you don’t want to use the QWERTY keyboard default.




These updates will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks from 4 May 2021. Update your TM6 when prompted or head to Settings to search for an update.