The best Thermomix recipes for diabetes

The best Thermomix recipes for diabetes

1 person every 5 minutes is diagnosed with Diabetes in Australia. In NZ, over 250,000 people have been diagnosed. 

When Grace and Bianca Mazur started Thermomix® In Australia and New Zealand, they had a clear vision of what they hoped Thermomix® would mean to Australian and New Zealand households - to empower people to cook real, healthy food, without losing time or money in the kitchen.

Thermomix® provides greater control over your cooking, making it easier to adhere to dietary guidelines when you’re cooking for a diabetic. Whether you’re diabetic/prediabetic, or simply want to eat a healthy diet, having a Thermomix® in your kitchen, along with the Thermomix® Diabetes cookbook helps you eat balanced and delicious food, without missing out. 

After all, we all want to feel proud and excited about the food we create, regardless of if we are cooking for health.

Discover the best Thermomix® recipes for a diabetic below.


Best Thermomix® breakfast recipes for diabetes

Fueling your morning with protein-rich options not only satisfies your taste buds but also helps regulate blood sugar levels. A balanced breakfast, featuring proteins like eggs, Greek yogurt, or lean meats, can contribute to better glucose control throughout the day, making it an essential part of managing diabetes. You’ll find the below recipes in our Thermomix® Cooking for Diabetes cookbook along with the pre-release collection on Cookidoo®. 

Explore more in the Thermomix® Cooking for Diabetes cookbook with recipes like Carrot cake overnight oats, Cinnamon crumpets with Autumn fruit, and White bean smash with kale, eggs and avocado.  


Best Thermomix® lunch recipes for diabetes

Pick one or two of the below lunch recipes to prep ahead on the weekend, so no matter where your week takes you, a balanced lunch is always on the menu. 

Tip: Keep your lunches fresher for longer by storing them in our Vac-U-Seal containers 

Best Thermomix® dinner recipes for diabetes

Who said cooking for diabetes has to be boring? We've borrowed flavours from our favourite international cuisines to keep things interesting and delicious at dinnertime. 


Cooking for health doesn’t have to feel boring, it can be mouthwatering and exciting – the type of food everyone will want to eat, regardless of health diagnosis. In our brand-new cookbook, Thermomix® Cooking for Diabetes, you’ll find tasty everyday recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as an Entertaining chapter for those special occasion dishes and a selection of sweet treats in the Desserts chapter – all of which are nutritionist-approved and in line with the official guidelines from Diabetes Association Australia.