Cost of living winning: Save with 17 easy fakeaway recipes as good as (if not better than) your local takeaway.

Cost of living winning: Save with 17 easy fakeaway recipes as good as (if not better than) your local takeaway.

“I often get takeaway for dinner because I don’t have time to cook,” say 28% of women, 34% of men and 45% of 18–24-year-olds in a recent survey.¹ It’s the easy go-to when you’re running late, feeling fried, or haven’t planned what to cook. But it’s a big chunk out of shrinking household budgets as the cost of living bites harder.

As many as 42% of Australians and Kiwis surveyed said they wish they could spend less on takeaway every week. And a resounding 62% of 18-24-year-olds would love to take more takeout off their weekly spend.¹


Making Fakeaway meals are much less $$ and fuss than you think!

The biggest takeout from recent research was this … The average household could save up to NZ$143.21 per month on takeaway by cooking quick and easy fakeaway recipes with Thermomix® instead.

From just $5 per serve, with as little as 15 minutes of prep time, you can easily create your favourite takeaway meals from scratch with Thermomix®, even on busy mid-week nights. No cheffy skills needed. Every cooking step is guided on screen with Cookidoo®. AND there are plenty of tasty options you can get on the table in 30 minutes, with just 10 to 15 minutes of prep!

That’s quicker than getting takeout brought to your door on a busy Friday night. And you’ll avoid the extra expense of delivery fees, service charges, tips and packaging waste too.

Plus, it’s fresher and healthier (lower in fat and sodium) than takeout and packs fuller flavours you’ll love. 

"We have saved money from not buying takeaway as the food I make in the Thermo tastes so much better.” - Kimberly B, Thermomix® Customer

Here’s our top-rated cheap, quick and easy fakeaway recipes you’ll want to try. 

Easy Mexican Dishes


Easy Asian Dishes


Homemade Indian chicken curry


" Our Thermomix® saves us up to 80% of the cost we used to spend having takeaway a few nights a week. The added bonus is the expansive range of cuisines we have cooked, including Indian, Italian, Mexican, Spanish and other cuisines. All tastier and no doubt healthier than our local takeaway shops.” - Christine P, Thermomix® Customer


Want to save even more?

Make friends with meal planning

No one loves meal planning or writing shopping lists, but you’ll love the savings you’ll make on groceries and takeaways. Your diet, as well as your bank balance, will be much healthier for it too. It’ll come easy when you’ve done it a few times.

And it’s much quicker and easier with the Thermomix® weekly meal planning tool on Cookidoo®. Just click the recipes you want to add to your meal plan and Cookidoo® does the rest, generating a shopping list for you to quickly tick off the ingredients you already have at home. 

Try these beginner-friendly recipes to start



Hatch a batch cooking plan

Once you’ve got the hang of making weekly meal plans, start planning some batch cooking and you’ll stretch your food and budget even further. Buy more of the same ingredients and aim to make three to four times more than you’d usually cook. Then cool, store and freeze in individual portions.

No one wants to eat the same meal day in, day out, so cook and keep a mix of meals you can choose from. Curries, casseroles, soups and pasta sauces make great batch cooking recipes to get you started. And to ensure nothing spoils while it’s stored in your fridge or freezer for next time, lock in all those fresh-cooked flavours with the reusable Vac-U-Seal Vacuum Sealer Set. 

An extra hot tip for the spice lovers

Buy whole spices from bulk food stores and use your Thermomix® to toast and mill your own ground spices and make your own pastes and sauces. Ground spices lose their aroma and flavour more quickly and typically end up in the bin within six months. Whole spices, on the other hand, can be stored for up to five years, saving you money and reducing food waste. 

“Since owning and using a Thermomix I now enjoy cooking. I plan meals easily using Cookidoo. I make condiments and pantry staples from scratch. We eat a greater variety of meals. I love my Thermomix - it has changed my quality of cooking.” – Rita G, Thermomix® Customer


Add up your takeaway savings

Use our simple online calculator to see how much you can save on cost of living by cooking fakeaway meals the quick and easy way with Thermomix®.  





¹Based on data from Australia and New Zealand-wide surveys conducted by Painted Dog Research in February 2024.

*Our price comparisons are based on the full advertised prices at a major supermarket or comparable "takeaway" products from a number of food outlets or national franchises as at 28 March 2024. Prices listed exclude common pantry items. Prices are only for indicative comparison, and do not represent actual savings. Prices do not account for sales or promotions and may vary according to location, date, and other factors.