Transform your pumpkin soup game with these tasty twists and surprising additions!

Transform your pumpkin soup game with these tasty twists and surprising additions!

As winter approaches, a steaming bowl of soup can be a comforting treat. But let’s be honest, while pumpkin soup is a total classic, it can be a little basic! Don’t get us wrong, it’s an absolute favourite on Cookidoo®, but why settle for basic when you can have extraordinary?

Imagine a thick, velvety soup that bursts with flavour and warms your soul with every spoonful. It’s not just any pumpkin soup, it’s a delicious and maximum flavour-packed soup that will keep the whole family coming back for more.

With a little bit of experimentation and creativity in the kitchen, you can transform your basic pumpkin soup with some of our favourite flavour-boosters! We’ve got quite a few favourites, but we’ve chosen some to share with you.

Keep your soup classic, but add a twist to your topping

Adding toppings to your soup can add texture, depth of flavour and visual appeal to transform an already delicious soup into a show stopping meal. 


Boost your soup by adding to the base

Adding to your soup base can be a quick, yet simple way to give it that extra burst of flavour that you've been missing out on. You can spice it up or add a twist for an Asian inspired soup by adding a Thai red curry paste and replacing the water with coconut milk, topped with coriander, chopped peanuts and spring onion. 


Don't be scared to mix and match your favourites

There's always a recipe or two where you love one part but not the other. Using a piece of another recipe to make the soup your own always guarantees a scrumptious, flavourful soup and of course a happy tummy! 


Our top tips when it comes to making pumpkin soup in your Thermomix®

  • Cut your pumpkin in to small, even pieces and take the skin off harder pumpkin types
  • Make sure your vegetables are fully cooked to ensure an even blend – ideally chop the vegetables to a salad consistency so they cook faster and puree more easily
  • Root vegetables need to be cooked for a minimum of 20 mins
  • When you’re cooking with heat or have hot ingredients, don’t touch the bowl
  • Stick to the maximum level of the bowl, don’t be tempted to add ‘just one more carrot’
  • Whenever you are cooking over 95°C, be sure to use the simmering basket instead of the measuring cup
  • When blending hot food, build to the speed gradually and then gradually back down. Take things slow and avoid rushing. The soup is worth the wait!

Why stop here? Explore Cookidoo® for more flavoursome toppings to add to your most-loved homemade soups or find your next hearty, soul-warming favourite to enjoy these colder months!